The Power of Storytelling In Marketing

Stories create a lasting impression

I know you want to create a lasting impression on your potential customers.

But, with the clutter factor of millions of pieces of data bombarding them, how will they even remember or notice your efforts? Research suggests that out of the 11 million bits of information sent to our brain, only 50 bits are processed. So, our goal is to make sure our marketing is relevant enough to be included in that .00045% of information that the average human brain can remember.


This means that if something isn’t that important, our mind automatically deletes or distorts them from our memory. You’ve probably experienced how easy it is for us to forget even the most important of things. While we might have a hard time recalling what a colleague discussed during a recent company meeting, it’s interesting how we can still remember the plot of a movie we saw several years ago.

This is how powerful storytelling can be when utilized properly – it unconsciously leaves a lasting impression on our brain whether we like it or not!


There’s scientific proof for this – cognitive psychologist Joseph Brunner suggests that humans are 22 times more likely to store facts when they are incorporated in a story. 

Ads perform 2x better when incorporated with a story

It’s always worth remembering that customers have something in common – they are all humans and they have a wide range of emotions. Research also suggests that out of 1,400 advertising campaigns, those with purely emotional content performed twice as well as others with only rational content.

 Case study: How Kari Used Her Research Backed Story to Win Free Marketing on Fox 7 News


Notice how Kari didn’t have to pay for these FOUR spots on Fox 9 News. Instead, she used the power of market research to tell a very relevant story about what Minneapolis home owners were experiencing right now. It helped to sell out the stock of her product and she didn’t even pitch! All she did was educate and tell a story about the effects of having rats in your house and how they can cause things as serious as house fires!

She took a story from her Core Story and made it relevant for the newscaster so that she gave Kari all four TV spots!

Turning stories into sales 

Storytelling can be displayed in many different mediums. It can be through the form of an article, blog posts, a 2-minute animation, podcasts, Instagram stories, LinkedIn Posts, and even through VR! Whatever medium you choose, what’s important is how you can deliver high-quality messages that are relatable for your ideal prospects.

While storytelling is proven to be effective in marketing, it isn’t always easy to come up with content capable of connecting you to the audience on a deeper level and relevant enough to be shared across different platforms. This is where Empire Research Group has been highly trained over the last 30 years to create the most compelling stories to overcome some of companies’ biggest problems like objections to price, lack of appointments generated, and closing more sales.

Learn more about how Empire Research Group is utilizing the power of story, backed by market data to build your next automated sales funnel to help you create your Ultimate Sales Machine!

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