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If you want to really make a difference in your business, you should watch this week’s episode.

While you’re sitting back enjoying your thanksgiving break, absorb this food for thought on selling.

What does it take to have a rich and full life?

Tune in to find out.


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Continued Learning:  How to Live a Rich and Full Life


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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Amanda: Amanda Holmes here, CEO Chet Holmes International. have our daily dose of ultimate machine, have with me Julie Ann Eason, brilliant extraordinaire, genius Extractor. It’s Fair Star Desk that she sprinkles and everyone works. It’s like the best way to describe. It’s such a great feeling. She’s assisted me to finish edition Ultimate sales machine, and then came along I I must of our boot camps. Help me craft must be a of Story. we doing She’s been such innovation Thank thank so much Julie. Julie and that introduction, you with us one of your favorite Ultimate Sales? Machine?

Julie: So this, this quote is really about you and it’s about the, the future of the Ultimate Sales Machine, the future of Chet Homes, International, and everything that it’s all wrapped up.

It’s chapter 13, How to live a rich and full life. And the reason I pick this quote is because Amanda, you poured your heart and soul into this chapter. I think you must have rewritten it a hundred times and just trying so hard to get the message. So that people would really take home that, that final piece that’s really going to make the difference in their businesses.

And so I’m gonna read it out. I have to actually look at it. So if I’m looking down, that’s why. But, um, it starts with truth be told, the fact that my father’s company lives on today never should have happened. Our founder had passed. Our systems were outdated, our leads were drawing up. And the last person that should have been able to change its course, Was me, and instead of looking at every hurdle as a panic, divine Bliss encouraged me in.

Amanda’s, um, nonprofit group that she works with, in case you aren’t familiar with that. Um, and Mind BLI encouraged me to reset my intention back into humbleness and gratitude Every time I felt like an imposter. Guruji reminded me that it’s only my ego that is imprisoning me to care about what other people think of me.

The truth is when I go beyond myself and I spend my time, focus, and intention on being of service, I break free from my own self-imposed limitations. My father’s teachings were the perfect vehicle to implement Guruji’s explanation because we teach this concept to stop selling and start educating, serve your clients on another level.

And I just love that entire message because it is the way forward. It is the future. Like the, the days of pressuring people into a sale are gone forever. Good ridden, like it’s time to have real conversations and be actually of service to people through education. And so I just love that, that there’s a message in there, not just of doubling your sales, but of, you know, encouraging mental health inside of your business and encouraging joy and flow and ease inside your business.

And all of that comes down to being of se, of service through education. So that’s why I just love this entire book, and I think that that quote just wraps it all up. Beautiful.

Amanda: Thank you. You hearing say it tears my eyes. Aww. a lot that one out of the others. So thank you. That gift to me.

Julie: You’re

welcome. It, it was intense, like you worked so hard on that chapter and it

Amanda: shows like it’s, it’s just beautiful.

Well, helps to brilliant people around to lift you help you out show you when you’re knocking down. So that’s also to all of you out I that get the the gift of having like Julie in your life that are assisting you in your business and life. So thank you, Julie. And that is your daily dose of the ultimate Sales machine

Make sure to get your copy or copies at the ultimate sales There’s a lot of special bonuses that you can’t get going to Amazon, so make sure you check it out at ultimate sales machine com.

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  1. Radhakrishnan KG

    Love you, Amanda. Your passion for helping entrepreneurs is very clearly visible. Hoping to be of service to you.