The Day I Became “Legitimate”!

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Blog

How can you use your social media profiles to build your credibility?

In this episode, we talk about an article by which is about the inspiring story of how 24-year old Amanda Holmes (CEO of Chet Holmes International) took over his father’s company and brought it to new heights.

This article has been shared and featured across her social profiles and presentations because it helps to add credibility and provide value to her specific audience.

Remember, the content you post on your social media says a lot about you and could assist in setting the tone for further engagement.

So, can you find a press piece or a testimonial about you that you can share to your socials right now?

If you already have high-performing content, it’s time to leverage it across your socials.

With a little creative reformatting, these posts can propel your business to success by increasing your credibility, which leads to higher sales and revenues!

It can make a world of difference. 😉


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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Amanda: [00:00:00] The point I want you to take away from this is that as soon as that article was published, it was as if I had made it an established press piece was written about me and all of a sudden my work became legitimate. 

 So this was a story from once I had taken over as CEO, Inc. wrote a article about me saying this 24 year old took over her father’s company and isn’t.

Slowing down and it’s, it was something like an inspiring story about how this millennial took on the responsibility of a multimillion dollar company and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So that article. Once it went out actually became one the second most shared article on ink that day. So it went soft, viral.

And the reason why is because at that time, a lot of the press. One of the trends that people were talking about is how millennials are a waste of time, like millennials will never amount to anything and they are the doom of the future of society. , that was like the [00:01:00] talk of the topic of conversation, cuz they just didn’t know how to handle this new generation that operated very differently from previous generations.

The fact that a millennial took responsibility, was this. This head turning title, and then people kept sharing it because they thought it was interesting. And I had this concept about how baby boomers and millennials are very similar. They just use different vernacular anyways. So after that story went out, I can remember I shared it on my Facebook page.

 And I got all these likes and comments and it was really great. And my songwriting teacher from college actually commented. He was the head of the pop program at Thornton school of music at USC. I went to USC and he replied I said, I’m sorry, I’m not writing songs anymore.

Like you taught me, but I’m taking what you taught me and I’m applying it now to emails and campaigns and marketing collateral. And his reply is I couldn’t be more proud. This is even better than winning a Grammy. And I never forgot that [00:02:00] comment because obviously winning a Grammy is like the highest form of like respect as a musician.

And to say, yes, we honor what you’ve created. And an ink article, I didn’t think was anywhere near that. But the fact that he said that left an impression on me so many years later to realize that. Having an article in a prestigious publication adds so much credibility. And because of that quote, I used that article

everywhere. So think of all of the press pieces that you’ve gotten, how do you re-utilize them so that they can live with you forever? So for instance, on my Twitter page, if you go to, the pinned tweet there right now, the. At the recording of this is my article was second most shared article of the day on ink, check it out.

And it’s that ink article. And I’ve left that there for years. Maybe six years it’s been up there [00:03:00] because it just adds credibility. And it’s some place where people can hear my story and I don’t have to tell it cuz it’s even more powerful that ink is telling my. Then I use that article and it’s in my decks, my sales decks to just show that I’m reputable, then I use it in my keynotes.

I’ll have pictures of it in my keynotes. I’ll also on LinkedIn. I use that as a blog post that I wrote, so it stays on my profile, no matter what I post, it stays there forever. So people can keep referring back to that article. I also have it in different things in Instagram. So what I’m trying to say is, have you had a great piece written about you or that you’ve won an award and how do you repurpose that over and over again, like a lot of the time marketing will have a folder full of all of these great press pieces or awards. And yet the sales department has no idea about them or they never even use them at all. It’s just sitting in this random folder that nobody else knows about. [00:04:00] So make sure that everyone in your organization has those pieces that can be repurposed and then find.

Clever and inventive ways to reutilize it over and over and over again. So my homework for you, or a good exercise for you to do is when was the last time that you had a press piece written about you or had an award or someone said something impressive about you. And go find that if you can today and find where’s two other places where I could utilize it, just even on your LinkedIn, can you put it on your LinkedIn profile as one of those saved articles until next time

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