71% Of The Sales Process Is Online

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Blog

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Today we talk about how 71% of the sales process happens online.
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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Today, social media is the number one place where companies advertise. It’s actually 77% of small businesses and 97% of the fortune 500 used social media to advertise. 

I didn’t put that in the book because I’m sure number will change over the next year. Just in COVID alone.

I will tell you. Two years ago 41% of touches in sales happened online today. 71% of the sales process happens online. So 71% of sales are digital touches of your clientele and where are they doing that? They hear about you and they go, oh, I wanna go check out their website. Oh, I wanna go look at their Facebook.

Oh, I wonder if they have a Twitter. I wonder if the CEO has a LinkedIn. They are doing that research on you. And if you have to compete with the 3.8 billion other people online that have some kind of content. I have a 13 year old [00:01:00] intern, Luke Aberly who started his journey online when he was nine, he started recording videos on his YouTube channel.

He has now done over a hundred videos reviewing tech products and camping gear. That’s his business Luke’s view. And he’s now 13 and you’ve never heard a more articulate 13 year olds rather. Amazing. If 13 year olds can do that. And you’re still trying to figure out in your business how to get more information online.

I will tell you that’s where your clientele are. They’re spending their time on social media. They’re spending their time online. So how can you educate them first step? Let’s just do the simplest of steps. Do you have a profile picture? . On the different social media platforms where your clientele are, if they spend more of their time on LinkedIn, that’s where you should be.

You shouldn’t be on TikTok. If you don’t think your clientele are there. If you serve [00:02:00] 65 and above, they’re not on click TikTok, they’re probably on Facebook. If you serve below 30 years old, you should probably be on Snapchat and TikTok. So where are your clientele find what which social media platforms they’re on mostly.

And you can do that through the data. There’s data on that, or even polling your current clientele to find out where they spend their time. So you have to have that social media presence. So start that page today. It’s okay. If you don’t have any friends or followers, it’s right. Just start it. You have to have your profile picture and then your bio should be something that would grab the attention of your prospect.

So think about what your prospect is actually looking for and make sure that is front and. And then there’s ways that you can actually. My last bit, that I’ll say on this, so I’m getting really basic, but this is a lot of my clientele don’t really know so much about online social media. So I’m giving you the basics and then you can put something on the top of your social media account.

Like on Twitter, you can [00:03:00] pin a tweet to the top. So I have pinned to the top of my Twitter. One tweet about how ink wrote about me. And it was the second most shared article that day. So that has stayed there for years because it tells my story. And I want people to see that first on Instagram, I have the post about the new edition of the book pinned to the first thing.

So every person that comes to my Instagram, that’s the first post that they see. So you can also pin to the. Of your on LinkedIn, you can do articles so you can pin an article at the top so that everybody can see that article. So make sure you have your social media on the social media, where your target demographic is, who purchases from you your profile, picture, your bio and something pinned that tells about you even further.

That is your very basic one on one to social media.

Make sure to get your copy or copies at ultimatesalesmachine.com There’s a lot of special [00:04:00] bonuses that you can’t get going to Amazon. So make sure you check it out at ultimatesalesmachine.com.


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