Repetition and Pig-headed Discipline!

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Blog

Trying out ideas every single time your hear a new one?

Don’t make the mistake of trying it for a short period of time and then switching to the next thing, when that idea doesn’t work.

So what’s the secret? Pig-headed discipline and determination!

Discipline is essential if you are serious about achieving your goals and living a happy life. It is one of the most crucial factors for success, yet it is often quite lacking.

To be successful, we need to realize one thing–you only have to become an expert in only a small number of things, not everything!

So when you work on an idea or a skill over and over again, over time, it will lead to fruition.

Listen to this micro-episode to learn one of Chet Holmes’ greatest secrets to success!



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Amanda: [00:00:00] I realized that becoming a master of karate was not about learning 4,000 moves, but about doing just a handful of moves. 4,000 times, this repetition trained by body to run like a machine. And that’s what constant and focus repetition will do for your business. So this is a quote from my father from the original, because it’s so critical to everything that we teach about how to truly make lasting impact in an organization.

So often we get an idea of something that can move the needle in our business. We try it. We try it a few times and if it doesn’t bear fruit immediately, we discard and we go onto the next thing. So my father uses the example of when he first started doing karate. It was a fourth degree black belt, but when he first started, he took a softball and he hung it on a string and hung it from his.

Ceiling and he thought, okay, I’m going to punch at this softball. And if it comes back at me, I should be able to be masterful enough that I can block it or I can punch it again. And so he had this [00:01:00] brilliant idea. So he started the first few weeks. He perpetually just kept getting hit by the softball over and over again in his face and his arms and his chest.

Over and over again. And then for the next three months, every once in a blue moon, he might be actually able to punch it again instead of getting hit by it or pretending to block it. And by the sixth month, I love how he said this. So I’m just gonna read it direct, cuz it’s so good.

After six months, the ball never touched me. I could spin artfully in the air, flawlessly blocking the ball at every angle. It was amazing. I could literally catch kick or squat that ball with every move. Any time I like. And the faster that I would’ve ever thought possible, my body was operating like a machine, responding to the ball as if pre-programmed to anticipate every possible move the ball could make.

Imagine my skill level, when the ball would ricochet around the room with lightning speed and my reflexes were even. Faster. It was [00:02:00] thrilling. I felt such power. So he says all of this to bring it back home for you. And we say this quote all the time for my father mastery, isn’t about doing 4,000 different things.

It’s about doing 12 things, 4,000 times. So what idea have you had in the last three months? Six months? That you knew was a good idea. It just didn’t get the traction it needed. So can you bring it forward and commit to one hour a week where you work on that one thing to continue to improve it so that it does become part of your business where, it will make the difference.

It just needs the repetition and a little thing that we call pigheaded, discipline and determination.

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