Spreading the Love: Chet Holmes’ Life

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Blog

Chet Holmes death surprised us all. It’s been nine years today since my father, Chet Holmes, passed. I am however so grateful for such continuing support.

The amount of love and adoration we get from people all around the world, I just want to take this week’s blog to say, thank you.

Every week we provide helpful insights on how to grow your business, today I just want to remind you that the one thing nobody escapes is our own mortality. So please live the life you want to live. We are honored to be able to help business owners live better lives through making their dreams a reality, through building systems that put less pressure on them, through giving more time to families.

Here’s a small video I put together (please excuse my video making skills they’re not the most professional).

The point is for you to feel what I receive every day from all of you, the love.

Ultimately, I think that’s all we really need.

P.S. Special thanks to the Clementine Duo for singing such a beautiful rendition of “All you need is love”

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