[PODCAST] You’re 9x more likely to die of disease if you do this one thing wrong.

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Did you know that you’re 9x more likely to die of Covid if you have gum disease.

And half the population actually has gum disease they just don’t know it.

The GOOD NEWS IS… all you have to do is brush your teeth and floss twice a day and you’re actually doing something to proactively protect yourself from our dreaded pandemic.

I’ve been telling people this important piece of information ever since I heard it from one of our clients, Dr. Kami Hoss.

You can hear more in this week’s podcast I interviewed him. You will hear:

  1. Some of the most unorthodox leadership techniques that have worked for managing his 300+ staff.
  2. The epiphany that landed him $400k worth of national press coverage (just by having a compelling data-based story).
  3. His new book, “If Your Mouth Could Talk.” Along with some of his absolutely brilliant ideas around marketing.

If you want to hear someone that has mastered education based marketing and the Core Story principles just wait until you hear Kami and I talk about what he does.

He’s a natural and a true genius at implementation. You’ll thoroughly enjoy it.

P.S. Kami went through the Core Story Bootcamp and loved it! You can still join the FREE challenge for Tripling Your Sales Conversions, based on techniques we give direct from our bootcamps! Make sure you get your seat because it starts next week and we are live! There’s already some chatter in the Facebook group, go sign up and say hello. 😉

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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Welcome everybody. It is such a thrill and honor, Dr. Kami Hoss has been such a wonderful friend of mine over the last five years, and he’s such an inspiration to me. Let me give you one piece. I’m going to teach you about his own market data. So you see how powerful he truly is. He shared with me that you’re nine times more likely to die of COVID if you have gum disease and one in every two, people don’t know what they actually have gum disease.

So I’ve been going around EV ever since you shared this with me, call me, I’ve been going around to people and just saying, did you know that all you have to do is brush your teeth and floss your teeth twice a day to reduce your risk of COVID and they go, nobody talks about that. You got to talk to Dr.

Kami Hoss. You’d got to get a, so Dr. Kami Hoss has come out with a new book. If your mouth could talk, I highly recommend picking it up everywhere and everywhere. It’s on Amazon. It’s in all the special channels, a wall. So I’ll give the URL for your. What, what is the regular 

Around themouthbook.com of course, Barnes and noble.

All the books are your favorite books are basically okay. 

The mouth book.com. I highly recommend going and getting it. Uh, so what I love about Kami here is his brilliance. He just thinks outside of the box and everything he does. So when he first started super dentist, um, he changed the way it’s like Disney meets dentist’s office.

And now. Before and every five children in, uh, in San Diego go to super dentists, right. Because he’s been able to craft. And I love every time I go to go to San Diego, I have to come and visit you because it’s so much fun. Uh, children actually have voted his dental offices as being more exciting. SeaWorld.

And considering that dentistry is something that is in the top three most feared things of your life. That is one reason why I think Dr. Kami Hoss is so brilliant. 

And then over the 

years, right, we’ve gotten to work together and it’s been so lovely. And now you’ve come out with this whole new line of doc of super Superman.

Uh, but I just wanted to get everybody introduced to how brilliant you are with that introduction. So thank you so much for hopping on. 

Wow. That’s such a unbelievable introduction. I really appreciate it. Amanda. It’s such a pleasure to be your friend and to work with you and I’m sure you know, but, uh, you and your company is one of the, really the reasons why I wrote my book, if your mouth, but talk.

And why eventually that’s led to the new company that we’re launching later this summer it’s called super mouth, which I think could really has all the pieces to be able to revolutionize oral care and by extension healthcare. And I can talk to you about that, but so, yeah, so, uh, you know, all these compliments from you, it really means a lot because I feel the same way about you and you, your challenge.

Your creativity and your leadership and business savviness and your company. So thanks so much for having me. Thank 

You. Well, let’s dive right in because we caught them with those interesting hooks there. Can you share, how is the mouth, the gateway to our health? Can you explain that connection to our whole body?

So I think it’s very obvious. If you have a, let’s just say a big infection on your arm, on your. And your body is now opened up. Right? I think people can imagine, oh yeah, there’s an infection there. I need to take care of it because if it’s infected. The bacteria can get into my bloodstream and cause potentially I would lose my leg if I don’t take care of it.

Right. Or I can have organ failure, I could potentially die from it and infection that’s very easily understood, but that whole infection that’s in the mouth, which is the opening to your body. People don’t relate them together because. Unfortunately, because really this happened 200 years ago in 1840, when the first dental school was established as a separate entity as medical schools.

And if you think this was like smart people got together and there was a think tank to make this decision, it wasn’t, it was a personality clash between these dentists who wanted to fight. Established the first dental school within the medical school in Baltimore, in Maryland. And they got into a fight.

And so the guy’s like, okay, I’m going to just establish my own dental school. So three years later he established he, so I’m going to school. And that was the first model of dental schools and medical schools in us. And all the other schools started following that model. So, and it’s been a disastrous model, but just because we’ve had it for 200 years, it doesn’t mean that we need to continue it.

So, yes, in addition to the fact that, of course, if you think about it, The bleeding gums. And you have billions somewhere between five to a hundred billion microbes in our mouth at any time it’s called oral microbiomes. Bacteria viruses are all sorts of other microbes, uh, primarily a lot of bacteria, right?

And if you have oral infection, you know, you’re bleeding gum or you have dental cavities, the bacteria can get in your blood. And what does the blood go? Everywhere. So it can go to your heart and cause local infection or inflammation, it can go to your brain. It can go to, uh, you know, your lungs. It can go to unborn babies.

So it can be very dangerous for pregnant women or the, uh, the inflammation as a result of the bacteria in the mouth can cause inflammatory response in the body. So those are two ways that the bacteria directly causes it. And of course also think about it. And your lungs and your trachea and the lower airway is just one tube right there.

The surfaces are the same. So of course, whatever happens, your mouth affects your lungs, you know, to your COVID, uh, example that you said. And I can explain that in just a minute. And of course also it’s in your mouth is the opening to your GI. So I know a lot of people recently have been educated it about the gut microbiome and how that impacts our immune system and our health in general and digestion metabolism.

We’ve really learned that in the last few years that we have more microbes in our bodies than human cells. We have more microbes, like somewhere between three to five times micro living inside of our bodies and on our bodies, we have human cells. So in some ways we’re more of a superorganism or microbes and human cells.

Whatever these microbes are doing. Uh, it could be the really healthy, first of all, we can live without them. W you know, the fact that people try to have, you know, you know, that if you take some antibiotics for a few days, what happens, you’re like everything goes like, yes, you may solve a local infection, but then you get a stomachache and you have to take probiotics and prebiotics and all of that stuff.

So all of that, to say that your mouth health is connected to everything else in your body, not just physical health and chronic disease, which is connected to almost everything and we’re learning more and more every day from cardiovascular disease to diabetes, to arthritis, to. Um, I mean, name it really.

There’s not, it’s, it’ll be easier for me to, just to name things that I haven’t seen linked yet to help literally from everything because impacts conception and fertility pregnancy for both mom and the developing fetus timing of birth airway. Because the mouth is not just these teeth, so you can impact oxygen intake and sleep and everything.

And then as you get older impacts your confidence and your mental health and chronic diseases and how long you live and everything in between. So it’s amazing. 

It’s insane. I mean, your core story is one of the longest we’ve ever done. I’m 

sorry. I’m not surprised. I’m not surprised. So I don’t know if I told you this story.

I had a, I had a medical issue, so I was, I was in a hyperbaric oxygen tank. You know what that is? It’s like hyper oxygenated tanks that you go to get healed. And, um, I was told that I had to do 20 sessions. Like those are like an hour and a half to two hours. And then most people they’re like they have serious and illnesses.

Mine was not that serious. It was like something that had happened. And they said, Hey, uh, you can watch a TV. I’m not, I’m not going to watch like 20 sessions of two hours. And they were watching these old movies from like 1950s or sixties. And I’m like, you know what, I’m going to get some books and read it.

And guess what? Guess what book I took with me? It was ultimate sales machine. Right. So I took it. And this is not exaggeration. I was like lying back and I had this oxygen tank, you know, and, and I’m looking at it and I had a pencil cause we can’t take a pen because the pen would explode. And so as I’m like reading this, I’m like, this is really interesting.

So I’m taking some notes. That’s why I started sitting up and. And I guess I was breathing so hard that the nurse comes it’s like, call me, are you okay? I’m like, yes. Like why it’s like, because you breathing twice as much as everybody else. That was like, that was really one of the inspirations of, uh, when I finished my therapy, I’m like, my brain was already hyperoxygenate.

This is brilliant. I got to use market data and market statistics to educate people because it’s one thing, if I say, Hey, man, Brush and floss your teeth because you’re going to live longer. Like, yeah. I’ve heard that before because people have heard something about know or else that has something to do with your heart health.

I think that’s the one thing that I hear people say, like you said, did you know that if you have gum disease, you’re nine times more likely to die from COVID from a complex. That’s a market facts, statistics from a study that was not right. So all these statistics, it really gets your attention and it makes you because you brought, provides a third party.

Endorsement, right. It’s a market data. It’s not something that I’ve made up. It’s what statistics and what data and what studies show. And so I think it really goes a long way to get people’s attention. I’m my audience are parents. Why? Because as you mentioned, I’m an orthodontist. My wife is a pediatric dentist.

We started this practice called the superintendent. I don’t just happen to be behind me right now. And so. We started a practice called the super dentist and like 30 to 40 million Americans. I had dental phobia because I had a terrible childhood experience with my dentist. Like almost everybody has. And so from day one, I, one of my goals was in addition to having world-class pediatric dentists, which we do, world-class orthodontist, which we do the most amazing technologies that we do.

None of that matters. If the children that we see don’t want to come to us and don’t want to come into us and don’t take care of their mouths The other 363 days that they’re not with us. Right. So for me being, having a fun practice was not an option. We had to do it because we were in the kids land. That’s where they live.

We need to, we need to kind of meet our audiences and our customers where they are. And so we really started this whole brand of superheroes and we created w Mo I mean, many people from the outside, they say, how do you have, like, almost like, you know, One quarter of the market of San Diego county, the kids go to our, one of our offices and they, from the outside, they sing, oh, it’s just a couple of video games that I put in like, well, it has nothing to do with this.

It’s about building his emotional connections with kids and engage them. Right? So they have a vested interest in the oral health and they love taking care of their mounts and building these positive associations. So as they get older, Yeah, I want to take care of them out because it’s not as secret as, as a genius country, as we are, as all these inventions and innovations and creations that we’ve done in technology and science and space travel and computers.

The one thing that we’ve, we’ve done a horrible job in is our health. We’re one of the unhealthiest countries in the world, unfortunately. You’re right. And your health starts with oral health. Your mouth is not about brushing and flossing is a lot more than that. 

We’re 34th ranked in the world healthcare provider right now.

But we spend, you know, five times compared to the other four combined 

with. Yeah, just 

speak to how brilliant you are in this. And for everybody that’s listening really think about the different skillsets you have within you, because Kami I love that you were a musician, right? And then you took your music and you created theme songs, and then you create a television shows and then you create it.

You know, everybody should look up his YouTube videos. I mean, how brilliant to write a song for brushing your teeth. So they’ll watch it over and over and over again. 

Yeah, we can look up the superheroes. We have a ton of videos. We have movies, as you mentioned. Um, and 

huh, character is 

your character. We have superhero characters, we have villains, you know, we have, uh, you know, a villain and a henchman, I should say Kevin guitar.

Um, and, um, And it’s really one of the reasons kids love coming to our practice. And when I said that, I really mean it. When I ask a mom or that, why did you come here? Many times the mom uses this. They say, my kids beg me to come here. What kid begs their parents would go to the dentist because in there in that kid’s head, it’s not like they’re going to the dentist.

They’re going to the super dentist, which is this theme park designed office. Slides between the several floors and we have superhero, uh, literally a superhero with a Cape comes and opens the door. And her name is Melodie stands for mixing entertainment, learning, orthodontics, and dentistry. We have billions and we have superior.

We have movies. We have augmented reality experiences that our characters during COVID would go to kids’ homes. You know, in their bathroom and in their bedroom and in their kitchen table, on their kitchen table and kind of, you know, educate them and entertain them, entertain them. And so, um, so really, uh, we really, uh, I think like, you know, uh, I don’t have to tell you, but I know I’m preaching the choir, but.

Probably one of the secret to anybody’s success is knowing your customer. Right? When I first started my practice, I thought parents are the customers and particularly the moms, because they’re the ones who are willing to sign the checks and bring the parents, the kids in and statistically 29, 80% to 80% of healthcare decisions in United States.

It’s made by women. I don’t know if you knew that statistic, it’s like unbelievable how much power women have. And so I thought I’m smart. I know that that’s the six, I was really always catering to the moms, but really when I learned I had this aha moment, it’s kind of a long story. How I kind of had that, uh, you know, like I got the moms are the wrong people that are marketing to.

Kids are my customers. If I make that kid happy, if I take great care of them and they have a happy, healthy mouth, uh, the mom’s gonna, of course love me. The dad is gonna love me. The kid’s gonna love us. They’re got to tell all your friends. So when I really realized who I’m serving and who my team is team is serving.

In fact, if you go to any of my offices, we have about 300 employees. If you ask any of them, Hey, Susie, Johnny, who’s your. boss They don’t say Dr. Hoss They say the kids, this kid who is sitting in my chair right now, because they know that’s the boss. In other words, they’re trained that. If I say, Hey, Susie, would you please give me this instrument?

And at the same time this kid says, I want a toy. It dropped the instrument, go get the kid a toy. That’s know the priority. 

Oh, I love that. You have to know where you are in the food chain. Another thing that I want to highlight for you for all of these businesses that are listening is during right as COVID hit.

There are, there were so many people that drowned in the overwhelm and we’re still, we are still seeing those effects of, you know, 94% of CEOs feel that they’re going to lose their jobs. 94% of that because of the market disruption that happened with COVID, but you are an exceptional case of how you reacted during COVID.

One with your, with your press releases that you did all the press that you did, and then too, with the launch of super mouth. So can you share just a little bit about what happened? The press and then 

also, yeah, a hundred percent. So when COVID hit, where dental office. And it’s, we’re in a really weird position because some people, even the government first said, well, you’re essential workers cause you’re a dental office, so you can stay open.

And then within a week they said, no, you need to shut down because you’re a dental office. It’s like nobody, even, even the government can figure it out. If the dental office is our healthcare pool, I just, don’t not because they would just have any fixtures that were just swinging teeth. So, so anyways, we closed for two months across the country from like middle of March in 2020 to middle of may, almost, you know, within a week or two of each other, depending on what stage.

So like everybody else, the first month was really a month of panic. I don’t know. I mean, I think as a country, as a, as a world, we were going through it. How bad is this virus? You know how contagious it is. And from a health perspective, our, of our own families and friends and, you know, personally, but once beyond that, you know, our business, are we going to open up another dental office during COVID?

I don’t know how this virus gets transmitted. Once that those first few weeks were gone and we went from emergency to now understand how the virus is getting transmitted. Hey, war infection control experts in their dependency. Right. We’ve had to deal with HIV. I remember when I was in dental school, that was the virus that had.

Come in, introduce it then hepatitis. So we’re like really we’ve done everything. Uh, and I knew that we, we were, we were going to be the infection control leaders in this, in this COVID era as well. So I wrote an op-ed actually in April of 2020. The reason I did it is because like you said, everybody in the, where they’re all talking about why COVID is killing, like remember how nursing homes we had a lot of.

And I was listening to all these experts on TV and in the newspaper, but nobody was talking about the oral health of the elderly. Like you mentioned earlier, 70% of people over age 65 have gum disease. This is CDC statistics or 70%. So. Um, if we didn’t brush her flawless, we would probably be in a better position than having 70% of the population have gum disease.

Right. And we knew, I knew from before not COVID, but that if you have poor oral health, you have a higher risk of pneumonia. Other lung infections. So I wrote an op-ed that was printed in, um, in one of the states that said that I kind of brought up this page. Maybe this is one other area that we should look at as a scientific community that maybe we’re missing the, one of the pieces of the puzzle, why we have so much death in the elderly.

Obviously they have higher gum disease rates. And, uh, and it’s a fairly easy thing, like you said to fix. Why don’t we instruct all the, uh, people who have poor oral health. Hey, I know dental offices are closed, but make sure you brush and floss and use the right oral care products in the right sequence.

And you know, a little bit of education about that. And so, anyway, so that led to one or the other, and I was all of a sudden interviewing across the country about, uh, all of a sudden became an oral health COVID connection. And then later on, um, several studies came out that confirmed my original, um, suspicions that the study that you mentioned that came out in early 2021 was that showed that people with gum disease were nine times more likely died from COVID complications.

And then, and then, uh, once that emergency mode was over, I put my business hat back on and I said, you know, I think Winston Churchill said that don’t let a good crisis go to. I remember, as you probably know, I’m in a CEO group. Uh, so I have a CEO coach. We get together with my other CEOs of different industries that we get together once a month.

I remember every time I would go to the meeting, I’m like, guys, what can we do? This is a crisis year from a business time of what can we do to take advantage of the crisis? Because there must be an opportunity here, right? From a business perspective, you know? Yes. There’s a, there’s a disaster there’s health issues.

We’re going to address those. And we had, but let’s also focus on the business model because we’re going to come out of this. Right. We’re going to survive, but what do we do afterwards to thrive? Like you mentioned, if 94% of the night, you know, CEOs are worried about it because maybe they didn’t do the things that they should have been to, to take, uh, take advantage of opportunities.

Right. Cause we know there’s always going to be recession, right. Whatever. So I remember I was like, okay, maybe I should buy some hotels, you know, like, cause if those were really hit I’m like, what did I do know about hotels? I don’t know if it, which I was like, if it was another disaster, first of all, that doesn’t help me.

And secondly, I don’t have any advantage over the next person who hotels. Right. In fact, they have a lot more advantage because they know this business. I’m like, what can I do in my. World that have any advantage over everybody else with 25 years of experience in business and in business and marketing and dental health and oral health.

And I’m a really oral health expert. I had just finished writing my book as well. If your mouth could talk and I’m like, you know what? The current oral care market places. And the proof is I just told you, 70% of people have gum disease, more than 90% of adults have dental decay on the root and their teeth.

Uh, in the last 30 years with all the advancements in science and technology or oral health is worse than it was 30 years ago. Oh my God. It’s unbelievable. I mean, like give you an example, if you want to, let’s just say you have two kids, a three-year-old with no cavities and a 15 year old with tons of cavities.

What toothpaste do you get for that? You don’t know because you’re not educated dentists. We don’t, we, we never, we don’t, we have zero knowledge about what’s in a toothpaste from the mouth, because that’s not what we get educated about how to do drilling and filling and straighten teeth. So, so it comes to the, uh, uh, manufacturers or manufacturers don’t know anything about oral health and they just mix the same stuff they’ve done in the last 30, 40 years.

So after this was a great opportunity to not just do a business, but really revolutionize oral. And by extension healthcare and help raise the next generation of healthy children and adults. So, so we came up with this idea of what the next company is going to be called super mouse. It’s getting launched on July 31st.

So Superman, the way it’s going to work is that you on our website and we customize oral care products. Every single product that you need from pregnancy during pregnancy. Cause that’s another time that women have terrible oral health, unfortunately, because they don’t know what to use. Like should we use natural and not fluoride?

And they don’t know. So we have specific products, every single, by the way, from toothbrushes to toothpaste, mouthwash to floss. And then from birth to two years, cause they need different things from two to five, from six to 12 and then from 13 above, and then that’s based on age and risk factors and what you’d like to make it even playful.

So I’m really, really excited about that company and hopefully it’s going to be my biggest contribution to our society when the company gets. 

Well, I have to tell you that ever since you told me that you have toothbrushes that play music for the length of time, you should brush your teeth. I’ve been on the waiting list.

I can’t wait to 

get that to you got one more statistics. So kids brush 73% long hill to meet. I know. And one of the biggest challenges we have as parents is to get our kids, to brush our teeth, their teeth, right. Two minutes, doesn’t seem long until you’re brushing your teeth. And then two minutes like, oh my God, two minutes is a long time for when you’re brushing your teeth.

So, but so we have, yes, we I’ve written several songs now I’ve hired other people to write that as well as songs that are exciting, you know, builds confidence in kids. Yeah, of course it’s around oral health and smile and brushing the teeth and make it fun. And I’ll sort of, so they’re all two minute time.

And so we have several of these in all of our oral care products and it’s going to be really amazing. So our oral care products are all going to be super S U P E R. They’re going to be incredibly safe, incredibly safe. Unified they’re going to work together as a system because right now you buy your mouth wide from this company.

And this, you know, I literally, Amanda know, I just met someone three weeks ago. She was telling me that he uses a mouthwash that says on the bottle, it says kills 99.9, nine, 9% of germs. And then he also uses probiotics, which is just like, Back to live by microbes kills microbes, and then takes microbes.

When I told them what they did. He’s like, I don’t know. Nobody told me, I just saw the ad here. And I said, yeah. So that’s you, we have unified products. They work together as a system and then peaceful playfulness is in the core of our business. Uh, business model, because if you don’t love it and you don’t enjoy it and it’s not playful and it’s not fun, you’re not going to use it.

He is for effective, right? Because I know some of these quote unquote natural products that are terrible because they’re not only. Sometimes not safe, but let’s just say, even if they’re safe, they’re completely ineffective. You’re kind of wasting your time and thinking I’m using something natural, but when it’s not doing anything to your teeth or you’re an animal and your microbiome and your pH of your mouth and your, all of your acidity of the mouth and all of that.

And then, or it comes from a reputable source, that’s educated and as a dental expert and an oral health expert versus, you know, someone random on their social media or, or Googling. 

Crazy. I love all pieces of this, and I want you to talk so much about it. Um, can you share with us to some of the things that are coming up, like the, the, some of the launches that you’re doing?

Cause this is so fast. So like, 

as you probably know, I kind of like to do things like always very uniquely and put some creativity in it. Cause I think people appreciate it. Right. And so we’re launching our new company supermarket on July 31st. It’s going to happen at the Padre stadium, which are the only professional sports team we have in San Diego right now, uh, at the Padre stadium and the way we’re going to do it, we’re going to break.

It’s an official Guinness world of record breakage. And so it’s with how many people floss at the same time. So the current record, I think, is like 18 hundreds. And we’re shooting for, you know, 10 times that at least. And so we already have engagements with Guinness. They’re going to be sending judges. We have arrangements with Padres.

And, and so, so yeah, so hopefully we’re gonna, uh, and one of the reasons we want to do this, first of all, going to obviously put our company on the map, but we also want to. Get the message out about oral health and flossing, and what’s the best way to do it. Then break the Guinness world record so people can talk about it and tell their friends and kind of get the word out.

Oh my gosh. Ever. So every person that’s listening right now, the first step is to get, if your mouth could talk, I tell you whether you’re interested in your teeth or not, it, it will change your whole perception of your. Starting with your teeth, which I never knew how important this was until we went through your core story process and then reading your book to reinforced it.

And now I’ve been more obsessed with my teeth than ever before. So again, yes. If your mouth could talk, I never thought that. For your book either, but I’ve referred it to several of my closest family and friends, because I really think it’s something that people don’t talk about and they shouldn’t be talking about it.

Right. So if your mouth could talk or the mouth bulk.com, um, there’s some things that they can take advantage of on super, super mouth.com, 

right? Yeah. So if you go to supermart.com right now, there’s like we have a skeletal like website just to kind of get a little teaser. In fact many of the stuff I just told you, it’s not even on the website yet.

So kind of you got even additional teasers, but that website will be completely expanded and rebound by July 31st. We have, I mean, unbelievable from, from like, I’ll give you one example. We have a movie that’s coming out. Uh, it’s a 30 minute movie. You’re going to, I think hopefully what you tell me is like, you’re going to be blown away.

Um, it’s, you’re going to laugh and cry and really it’s, we have unbelievable actors and, uh, visual effects and really it’s, it’s a story of a kid. I don’t want to tell you this story you’re going to hear about, but we really put a lot of effort and our, you know, uh, you know, really sweat and tears and, uh, creativity into it.

Because again, um, if you watch a movie, you’re going to have much, much more emotional connections for characters, right. Once you get to know capita is, and once you know the year to know why the superintendents are working so hard. Who flosses Sora says or who bristles is, I think. And so we have to tell those stories.

We do it through movies and music and comic books and augmented reality experiences and those things. 

Thank you so much, Cami. Our time is up. It’s been so wonderful doctor coming Hoss of your mouth could talk back it up. 

Thank you. Thank you very much.


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