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Would you like to increase your sales by 300%?

Could you work 3x more hours?

Probably not.

The good news is, you don’t have to.

Watch this week’s episode where we dive deep into strategies that can grow your business with your brain, not your wallet.

Where you position yourself so strong, nobody else can compete.
And case studies of how clients are doing this today to propel themselves forward!

P.S. This is taken as a live speaking engagement Amanda gave to a room full of businesses in Jairek Robbins’ mastermind.


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We are going to cover the three things, holding you back from doubling the size of your company in the next, the 12 months, which is wonderful. I’m sure. Ooh, that’s interesting. Okay. There we go. And one case study of how a client increased their sales by 298 million in eight months. Does that sound like it’s something you would love to learn?

 So 95% of companies will never make it to a million in annual sales. Of that only 0.08% will ever reach 5 million, 1.5% of that will ever reach 10 million and it’s 0.004% will ever reach a hundred million and beyond.

So what makes the difference between those that go from a million to five from five to 10, from 10 to a hundred and beyond? Is that their product or service? That is the question. 

So what we’re going to cover. Is the three strategies too, that are holding you back from doubling the size of your company in the next 12 months, how to position you so strong, no one else can compete and how to get nine times more impact from the same moves you’re already making to win new clients.

I guess you’ve heard the story of my father. Now. He made his big break working for Charlie Munger. And then he put it all into a book. How many of you have actually no of this book or I’ve read this book and we’re actually coming out with a new edition.

I spent the last three years writing it, the first eight, the publisher kept asking me to write a new edition and I kept saying no. And then when I finally said yes, I asked our fan base, what would you guys like to see in the new edition? And I said, Nothing don’t change it it’s perfect. So it was intimidating. But, that will be coming out this year.

 And it’s created 70 different training products that have sold in over a hundred countries. And it’s now recommended in the top 10 marketing and sales books of all time. 

So in most cases it’s not actually the product or service that makes the difference between scaling. So I’ll give you an example of this. We had one hamburger joint open in 1967, there Joe’s hamburger joint, you know, mom and pop shop. Another hamburger joint opened in 1967 and 30 years later. It’s McDonald’s.

Now, who do you think has the better hamburger. Joe’s? Yes, but what were they missing? It’s really about the skills. So our passion and drive can force us to a million, maybe two, but what it takes to get to five, it takes a completely different skillset. 

 So a lot of the time, as the CEO who is the sales person and they’re running in their racing and they’re closing business, but then what does it take to then bring in a sales person and train that sales person?

And then once you get one great superstar, what does it take to get that into 12 superstars? And that progression of moving on and on how many of you would like to increase your sales by 300%? 

Does that sound like someone you’d like to do? Definitely. Okay. Can you work three times? More hours than what you’re doing already?

No, no. So the good news is you don’t have to, it’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter. What I’m going to teach you today. 

And it really boils down to one of my father’s favorite quotes mastery isn’t about doing 4,000 things. It’s about doing 12. Things 4,000 times. So we have 12 core competencies on how to double sales. I’m going to cover one of them today. 

So the three things holding you back from doubling your company in the next year. So we’ve done some research and our latest research has found that the biggest hangup for businesses today is the great resignation. 

How many of you have heard about the great resignation?

So during the pandemic, right, the world shut down and it gave us a moment to look at ourselves in the mirror and really go, what am I doing with my life? So in this last year, one of the most, popular issues facing CEOs, according to Bloomberg, and several other major studies is something called ESG.

Does anybody know what ESG is? See, this is the weird thing, supposedly it’s the number one thing. And yet nobody has heard of ESG: Environmental, Social Governance.

Biden put billions of dollars to environmental, social governance. You will see. So many investors investing in companies that have environmental, social governance it’s as if we woke up with a conscience, right?

So we’re going into more environmental things. You see it with social governance. We saw the George Floyd riots. We saw the me too movement. We’ve seen women trying to break through every glass ceiling they can. 

So much is based on social and how can we create a culture that’s better. So we see this emergence of a conscience happening throughout all of commerce now, post pandemic, and especially with employees. 

55% of employees are thinking about leaving their job right now. 4.2 million left their job in October alone, just in the United States. And it’s up to 4.5 million in November, by the way, October hit the record for the most amount of employees leaving their job.

And then it increased a 4.5 in November. It’s just a mass Exodus. So how do we grow if we’re understaffed, when we can’t recruit new talent?

Number two, the second biggest issue holding you back is the shiny object syndrome. I was going to ask you how many times do you think you look at your phone a day on average?

On average people look at their phones, 96 times a day, it’s absurd! And then a research study was done and it found that when you get derailed from the focus that you’re on. So, you know, with a text message with an email with somebody coming in “got a minute?”, and then a got a minute meeting breaks out.

It takes 45 minutes for the brain to refocus on what you’re doing.

And during that time, it is the equivalent as if you had slept for only four hours. So we are operating at a lower function in our brain because of this distraction. So how do we get better at focus? 

The third biggest issue holding you back from doubling sales is the multiplicity of marketing mediums.

So 15 years ago, when my father came out with the ultimate sales machine, best in class companies were marketing to seven different marketing channels to grab the attention of their prospects today because of the internet, we have an average. 13 different marketing mediums, plus five social media channels and three paid advertising platforms.

So we’re doing double the amount of work for a fraction of the results because of the clutter factors. So through the roof, how do we break through, everyone talking. It used to just be businesses now because of social media. Right. Everyone has a voice. And then when you look at sales, so it takes an average of 12 times to get an appointment instead of just eight, like it was 10 years ago.

 What I’m about to teach you is how to stop the shiny object syndrome. Get one clear message to grab the attention of nine times more buyers on all different platforms that attract with greater staff and a clear core story message. Does that sound like something you want to learn? 

 Okay so we’re about to do an exercise. Now, imagine that you’re in a stadium. So for those of you that have read the book, you’re familiar and you’re going to be able to test your stadium pitches right now. So imagine that you’re in a. Full of your potential prospects.

And I say, okay, I’m going to hand you the mic. What would be the title of your talk to that stadium?

So let’s define your audience for any product or service at any given moment, you could be cold calling a hundred people. You could be putting a billboard up. You could be posting on your Facebook page. You could be posting on LinkedIn at any given time. 

3% will be in the buying now category. Another 7% will be open to it the next 30% are not thinking about you. Your product is. The next 30% think that they’re not interested and the last 30% are definitely not interested. So my question to you is how much of this buyer’s pyramid is not interested in you, your product or service?

Yes. 90% are not thinking about you, your product or service. So if all you’re talking about is me, let me tell you about how wonderful my products are, let me show you about what we can do, you’re only going to reach that 3% and I hate to break it to you, but that 3% is who you’re competing against with all your competitors.

So a great stadium pitch gets the attention of the entire buyer’s pyramid enough to lead them up into the buying now category. For those that. It’s not that they’re not interested. Maybe they just don’t know that they should be interested. So let’s dive into this. Was your title focused on you or was it focused on them?

Because the majority of companies waste 90% of their efforts focused just on themselves. It wastes your time and waste your money, waste your energy. 

So this was a client out of Dubai. Sold high-end condos in Dubai and they came to us.

It was right during a market blackout, so they ha they were at 17 million. Then they dropped down to zero and they didn’t sell one condo for an entire year. So they were selling, you know, between five to $10 million condos, second home condos to fortune 500 CEOs, really hard to get to that 3% when you only have 500 in their fortune 500 CEOs.

So we changed it to why wealthy CEOs are at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and premature death. And what you can do about it. Does that get the entire buyer’s pyramid? Yes. And let me show you some market data of how we got their attention even more doctors recommend seven to eight hours of sleep at night.

And yet the average fortune 500 CEO gets four to five sleep hours of sleep. A night. Lack of sleep increases the risk of cancer by 200% and premature death. By as much as 25. Stress has been linked to stroke likelihood increased by 50%, and heart disease likelihood of increased by 25%. Now don’t read the rest.

Just that alone. You are a fortune 500 CEO. Have I got your attention? Yeah, absolutely. And then we move on people who take vacation, lower their risk of heart attack by 50%. Huh. Interesting vacationers experienced an 80% increase in job performance. Wow how fascinating. More CEOs are choosing to live in a vacation environment being near the ocean reduces your risk of heart attack by 50%.

Now I have not mentioned that I sell secondhand homes on the ocean, like a vacation. But how many of you are thinking I probably need more vacation time than I probably should get a place by the ocean. Right? I have not pitched my product or service, but yet how are they thinking about it? This is a masterpiece of what we call a core story.

So they actually increased their sales by 298 million over eight months. And it took a lot of work. I’m not going to lie. It’s not as if, oh, we just took this title and we took these bullet points and bam, you know, it was a lot more than that, but I’m showing it to you to know the value when you. A message that actually speaks to what keeps your prospect up at night because they’re not caring about right.

Just 3% are caring about you, your product or service. 

So how can we come from a place of education starting with our stadium pitch titles? So these are the components of a stadium pitch. You want to make sure that it’s a head turning title. We had another client that Sold vitamins. And they said their stadium pitch title was how the human race is going extinct.

So like, okay, I have to read that. That’s ridiculous. But it was fascinating and talked about sperm count and how it’s dramatically decreased. And what we’re getting from our food is really nothing in comparison to what it was 30 years ago. Right. Fascinating data. And as I just showed you, market data is way more motivational than product data.

So how can you find data to back as an evidence of your case that they should understand that they should trust you as an ex expert irrefutably and that you should be the one that they buy from over every. 

So, how do we build that trust? The trick is to work smarter, not harder. The most effective solutions are beating your competition with your brain, not your wallet.

As my father used to say, it’s about horsepower, not wallet power. So the power of the story, modern discoveries and cognitive neuroscience and psychology reveal that stories are fundamental to human cognition. So simply put people think in stories. So I’m sure you’ve had the experience. Two days ago.

You remember you had a meeting, you can’t exactly remember what everyone had to do, but you can remember the storyline of a show you watched on Netflix last week, right? It’s because we remember stories, but the power of story can only be turbocharged by solid research. So the fact is that our culture is dominated by an utter faith in the power of science.

So that means when you back your story with professional research and data, you’re missing. Instantly gained immense legitimacy and a 40, unfortunately, most companies fail to tell the right story and they don’t know how to utilize market data. So that’s what we have specialized in helping you create stories that stand out.

So the core story method, what is it? It connects compelling. With emotions into a story that grabs the attention and resets the buying criteria, leading prospects to you as the logical conclusion. So if you’re familiar with my father’s methodology, you’re probably familiar with this buyer’s pyramid at stay tuned because I’m about to flip it on its head.

And you’re about to be really shocked. So let me give you a little sneak peek of what’s going to be in the new edition. Of the ultimate sales machine coming out in August. So since my father wrote this book now in the top 10 was recommended marketing and sales books of all time. A business has really flipped on its head.

I mean, the emergence of the internet has completely changed the way that we consume information and buy. So the PA the buyer’s pyramid had to flip on it. So this is something that we’ve never divulged before. 

This is how we create core stories. This is how we’ve worked with 80 of the fortune 500. 

It breaks down to this. So what we have to do is we have to hook that entire buyer’s pyramid with global pains. What’s talk, what is happening over the industry over the last decade, or what’s about to happen over the next five to 10 years? Things that are affecting. Globally so that they really feel that you are an expert in what you’re talking about.

Right? Then we go into a targeted pain that really hits them in. What’s keeping them up at night because they’re not interested in your product or service. Only 3% of the marketplace is so we have to get into their heads because as bill Glazer said something to the effect of, if you understand your prospects pain better than they do, they assume that you have the solution.

Right. So we have to really understand that. Then we go into a solutions portion because, Hey, what do we want to give great information for our prospects? So that not only do they trust you, they respect you. They send you more business and they keep buying from you because of. Built out this training on how to get to number one in your market.

This is how you get to number one in your market. Okay. I’m giving it to you right now. Then we get into resetting of the buying criteria. This is the difference between content marketing and what my father created. Education-based marketing or what we’re calling core story, right? So you can train your buyers to buy from you and no one has.

And there’s education that’s involved to do that. That is the difference between the core story and just creating content for crazy. You can spend, you could spend years creating content and not get through to anybody, right? One like on the internet, two likes of the internet. So all of these steps lead it so that you become the number one solution where they think of nobody else.

And you were the logical. Right. Okay. So if you were to build out this research, backed by story, you’d have to understand your industry and the needs of your customers. You’d need to be able to create a synergy between the two you’d have to understand how do we evoke emotional response through data and know how to take prospects through their pains without turning them off?

Because there’s so much negative information out there today. We have to do a balance of it. It can’t be too negative Nancy, or they just won’t listen. Then how to educate prospects, right. And establish yourself as an expert. At the same time, we have to know what kind of research to look for. That’s critical, where to look for it and be able to distinguish between good research and bad.

And then how do we distill that research down so that anybody can understand it? When we do a full core story, we read thousands and thousands of pages and reports and white papers and books, all to condense it down into the most simplest form so that anybody can understand. Okay. Then we have to understand how to massage the Jaida into the right shape and present it in the most compelling manner, to be able to construct a logical.

But subtle argument that creates the desired buying criteria. So I, the best core stories are where you’ve educated them so much where they have decided I want to buy what you have to offer, and you haven’t even pitched what you sell yet. That is the math. That is a master of creating a masterful course.

And then finally how to build usable collateral so that this gets into the marketplace. So once you have that core story, it can become your digital information on your website, on your social media pages, on your blog, on your YouTube channel, on your podcasts. It can become the ads that you’re running.

It. It’s a part of that. The email sequences that you do, it’s a part of the outreach that you do with cold calling. It’s a part of the speaking engagements that you do and networking and trade shows. All of it is the same around that one core story. 

So we do do this for clients. And when we build out for a client, there’s a lot of steps that are involved, but it’s all.

Doing the heavy lifting and you do very minimal amounts. It’s about four different steps for you, which is simple. 

And when my father first started this, it was for fortune 500 companies. Imagine doing this before the internet I’m shocked. He was so ahead of his time. So when he would build out a core story for a fortune 500 client, he would spend 20,000 or he charged 20,000 to develop the initial.

20,000 to do the research 20,000 to now analyze the research and then 20,000 to put together a line by line panel by panel. So 80 K, just for the story along, that’s not even counting, building the sales scripts, training the sales team, running the ads, right? The whole deployment of it. Wasn’t even a part of that ADK.

Luckily we’ve refined this process and the internet makes it a little bit easier. So we can offer this at a fraction of that original cost, but what we’ve done is really exciting. So we have a done for you core story, right? Where we do it for you. And that’s a minimum of at least 35 K it depends on which deliverables you want in the back end.

But what I’m really excited about and I have for you today is we’ve created a core story. Bootcamp mastermind training. It’s a group of business owners coming together to learn it on the spot. We follow a framework of the, learn, it, build it, use it. So on the calls, you’re training on how to build your core story.

So we train you how to build your own core story. So that’s a $5,000, but I’m going to give you a very special discount. If you stay until the end of the, just. Keep keep listening in, or you could click the button below actually and find out more. 

So we just ran this as a pilot, in January. And this was one of our clients Troy Aberly.

So he went through the bootcamp. He really was having a hard time for the first few weeks. W discerning and understanding and something in the third week just hit a light bulb and he built a core story that he went and he targeted only people that were a hard note in the definitely not interested bracket.

He used his core story to get in the door. He presented to them and closed $8.4 million two weeks after the bootcamp. $8.4 million. And for his, that particular company, it takes an entire year to sell on average for an average sales rep, it takes eight. They, they sell 8 million in an entire year. He did in two weeks.

Unreal, unreal. So, if you were going to be a part of the core story training, which I highly recommend, it’s going to be such a life-changing experience and I’ll show you what some of our other clients have done. It runs in June. So depending on where you are in the world, it’s five different sessions that are all two hours each, because remember we’re, we’re, you’re learning a concept, you’re building your messaging on the call and then we use it.

I give you actionable. Templates and worksheets and scripts so that you can deploy it immediately between now and the next session you’re deploying as you’re going. 

This is for CEOs, executives, marketing, and sales both in one room. Can you imagine? And if you get the VIP package, then you can invite up to five of your members on your team.

That’s what it’s created for. So you start with the strategy from the top down. It’s always best when the top down. But then everyone’s on the same page for how to articulate why you are number one in your particular field, why you should be of interest to more of the buyer’s pyramid that nine times more than just that 3% that are interested in buying now.

So everyone is clean and clear and working together as one. Also, like I said, so two hours each over three weeks, and because we have companies. All around the world I had to do two different cohorts. So I have one cohort that goes from 12 to two Eastern standard time. And then another cohort that goes from seven to nine Eastern.

So each one of these days, those are the times. So we have had in the last two boot camps, we have had companies following those timeframes out of Australia, we have a bunch of companies from Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, south America, and north America. I mean, we span the globe in every industry.

That’s where innovation happens too, which is fascinating. So you get on these calls with all of these executives and it actually is more valuable sometimes. To hear someone else’s problem and then get assistance than even you being on the hotspot. Although being in that hot seat, you get the results because you put yourself out there and you got the feedback. So there’s something to be said there. 

The community I’m very, I’m very protective over my community. It is a safe space. It is a collaborative space. It is a place for everyone to grow and learn together and we’ve cultivated. Beautiful pod of wonderful cohorts. So you’re a part of that community and you also get to be a part of the Facebook group.

Like I said, we have templates, we have workbooks, you will get the recordings, but I highly recommend being there live. 

So you can either get the full pay or you can do the payment. Up to you and the first 30 to sign up, we still, so our sponsor from the last event made vacations available to the first 30. And they’ve given it again. So how this works is it’s a vacation voucher, so you can spend, depending on where it is in the world and there’s locations all around the world, you have to look below to see what the locations are.

You can get anywhere between three day to seven day. Hotel a combinations. So you don’t have to end there mostly four-star hotels. So, you know, a $200 a night hotel and all you have to do is pay taxes. So you get a vacation out of it. If you don’t want to take that vacation, how cool would it be to gift somebody, a vacation who in your life do you know that needs a vacation, right?

Maybe it’s one of your staff members. Maybe it’s a friend, maybe it’s your wife or your husband. It’s just a great gift. So for the first 30 you get. Free vacation at the value of a thousand dollars.


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