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 What would it mean to your company and career if you could double your sales in one year? If you are a business owner or CEO, doubling your sales could mean millions in additional revenue. If you are an employee, doubling your sales will make you look like a superstar.

But what would it take to bring your sales growth to the next level?

In this episode, Jason Marc Campbell and Amanda Holmes, uncover the secrets and business strategies of how thousands of companies have doubled their sales using these same proven strategies. Get ready to transform your skills.

This interview covers several case study stories about how companies doubled their sales working smarter to generate sales growth.

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Amanda Holmes: With a dream buyer. It’s usually somebody that is just that huge client that you would love to win. So when you first reach out to them, it’s not about you. Let’s break this down. You should really come from how can I serve them in the best way possible.

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Are you ready to make a change? Start transforming your life today@mindvalley.com forward slash superhuman. Hi everybody. This is Jason Mark Campbell. Welcome back to superhumans at work today, we are covering a topic that I absolutely love. We’re going deeper into understanding the buyer, getting into the world of sales and we have the one and only Amanda Holmes with us today.

She is the CEO, author and speaker CEO of Chet Holmes international. For those of you who are familiar with the late Chet Holmes has written several books. On the topic of sales, including the ultimate sales machine. Some of you are watching this on video. You’ve seen a manager’s purchase that book right on the frame.

If you’re just listening in what you want to know is this is one of the most powerful books out there when it comes to improving your sales performance. Chet is a legend in the field and Amanda has taken over the business and has done some fantastic work in sales herself. And one of the things she’s doing now is continuing the legacy of the organization, as well as bringing her own material, bringing more marketing automation, Marie, more of the modernization.

The sales that is happening in our generation today, what you want to be aware of is what we’re going to talk about today is a super important topic about the dream buyer. It’s been one of the strategies that Amanda will share with us that has been responsible for generating an increase of sales more than any other sales strategy out there.

So buckle up tune in this is going to be a rockstar show. Amanda Holmes. Welcome to the show.

Amanda Holmes: Thank you so much, Jason. It’s such a pleasure to be here.

Mindvalley Jason: It’s a pleasure to have you. And for those who might not have been familiar with your work and the work from your father as well, we’re talking about ultimate sales machine, that, that sounds like almost inhumane you were turning yourself into, or is that what we’re talking about?

Like taking away the human element of sales.

Amanda Holmes: Wow. I love that you asked this question because it’s actually a part of the new edition that I’m working on with my father’s book. So it’s in the top 10, most recommended sales books of all time. At this point, my father passed nine years ago, but it’s still, this is just word of mouth.

People love it. They call it their red Bible because second to the Bible, they read this the most. It’s just, it’s so humbling to see the response from my father’s book. I’m going to speak to where my. Methodology came from first and then circle back to your question, because I think it’s right on point with where I’m taking the business.

So my father realized from being a master in karate, he was a fourth degree black belt. He realized that there’s only a couple of ways to kick and punch, like anybody that’s mastered any skill in their lives. Right. It’s that repetition. So mastery isn’t about. 4,000 different things. It’s about doing 12 things 4,000 times.

So we found a repeatable system on how to grow cells and he got his big break working for Charlie Munger. We’re going to talk about this story in a minute, but I love your question because as my father created this. For how to have repeatable sales I’ve then also taken this stance of, yes, we can create an ultimate sales machine, but we don’t have to be that machine.

So how do you create the systems and the processes and the strategy to be able to ensure success without having to break yourself in doing so, which is a big part. Man losing my father at an early age of 55, that that’s a big passion of mine is doing it in balance to do it in humbleness, to do it with the feeling of abundance, walking with you in every step.

Mindvalley Jason: That’s absolutely Buffon, of course. I’m sorry to hear for the late father. I know it’s been eight years, but he was a legend in the field. Everyone was in sales. Ultimate sales machine is such a powerful piece of literature, which is amongst many things that he has produced. And you speak about this balance.

And I kind of wanted to maybe go before the content, talk about the mental health state of sales in the world. Right now. You mentioned that, you know, it can take a toll on people. And so would you be able to share a bit more about what that reality looks like and what do we need to change? For people to be more in that abundance state be successful in sales, but not have it at a cost of your health.

Amanda Holmes: Oh man, I’m going to give another nugget from the new edition that it hasn’t come out yet. Uh, so I study under an Indian Saint. Her name is

but I just call her Guruji and she taught me once as I was sitting in front of her saying, you know, I’ve got these webinars, I’m trying to close more and I’m just trying to. Completely re-imagined my father’s ultimate sales machine. And she said, Amanda, you can take an apple from a tree and you can yank it and anger and greed.

You can also bow in humbleness, take a ladder, come up to that same apple, cut it with scissors and in gratitude and humbleness receive that. Apple. Now, if you take it in anger and greed, it takes away the sweetness of the apple. But if you take it in humbleness and gratitude, then the true sweetness is yours.

So we can receive the abundance of money and success. It’s just the question of in what intention are you doing in that is the difference between actual riches versus just money in your head.

Mindvalley Jason: I love that answer because it’s so profound. Where is that? There’s a lot of us who are seeking to make more money, get more sales, hit that quota grow the business, and it’s almost like we have an impatience for it.

Right. It’s almost like there’s a not enoughness in the pursuit of it where it’s like, okay, I’ve got to hit that number. I’ve got to keep going. Keep going, keep going. You never take a break. What you’re speaking about is, Hey, you can be at excellence with your skills of sales. Yet you need to make sure that you have a time of taking it slower, making sure that you have that presence you’re taking care of all the elements so that the abundance still gets there, but even get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Literally. So that brings me a bit to, you know, the powerful exercise I gave you a little hint at the beginning. Here you talk a lot about. Increasing sales numbers using some of these methods and most people who are on this podcast might not have went and been aware of these key ideas. So can you walk us through how Chet ended up discovering this method?

Where was it applied and how we’re going to be able to do it towards the end?

Amanda Holmes: Yes. And I’m loving everybody in the audience, by the way, someone said that they cried the day that my father passed. So we have some beautiful people that do know my methodology. So thank you for those that are there. So my father got his big break working for Charlie Munger, maybe some of, you know, Warren Buffett or Berkshire Hathaway he’s co-chairman of Berkshire Hathaway.

So he was able to double the sales of nine different divisions for Charlie. All within 12 to 15 months and several of them doubled multiple years consecutively. So again, he realized that there was a repeatable success model for how to generate sales. So he was working for a newspaper for Charlie and he was given a list of 2000 different potential advertisers and said, okay, go cold.

Call these 2000 company. He looked at that. I mean, that’s, that’s a lot of cold calling, even though he loved cold calling. He did some research and you realize that only 167 out of those 2000 different prospects, but 95% of the advertising in the space. So instead of being busy, Spending all of his effort going after 2000, he just narrowed in to those hundred and 67.

That’s where dream 100 was born dream buyer strategy. So he led an intensive effort just to those dream 100. So at that time it looked like he’d send out a direct mail piece. And then on Tuesday, let’s say on Thursday, he’d follow up with a phone call. Did you get my package? Right? And then that Sunday, maybe he sent a fax or a postcard.

Today that could look like a direct message on Instagram or LinkedIn message or an email. Right. But then still, maybe sending something direct to them in person to their mailbox because nobody sends direct mail today. There’s so many different mediums that we can go into and I will cover that as we go.

But the point is after four months he had not yet. One sale. Can you imagine coming in as the expert in sales and you haven’t generated one sale in four months, so people started to talk around the office going, oh yeah, this great sales person. It wasn’t until the sixth month he closed the largest contract that the industry had ever seen.

Cause we were talking about the biggest and the best, right. They bought 95% of the business. This was Xerox. He brought them into newspaper advertising. After that he closed 28 more of their dream buyers. That’s when he doubled sales and he continued to double sales year after year. And the reason for this is majority of people, like I said before, they want to master 10,000 things instead of just focusing on 12 and doing a 10,000 different times.

So once he starts to get to the hang of his dream buyer strategy, He kept refining it. He kept making it better and better and better. I have clients that have gone from six to eight figures because they’ve been doing their dream buyer strategy for literally 10 years. It’s amazing. It’s something that once you get good at that skill, you continue to refine it.

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Call anyone or, you know, in marketing and sales, a lot of times people do advertising. They’re like, aye, anybody can buy, or anybody can have success. I’ve by the way, for those who are listening to the podcast, mind valley members are here with us live. They get to see the videos, access, video replays, and additional Q and a at the end, if you want more information on that, go to mine.

valley.com forward slash superhuman for more details. But in essence, people are just going out there trying to get anybody who will say yes to their offer. And when you’re talking about a dream buyer program, And chess story here is he became very clear on exactly who are the ones that you don’t need to spend all your effort on everyone when there’s only a select few that really make a difference.

Is that how I understand it? Yes.

Amanda Holmes: Yes. So it’s not to say that the dream buyer strategy should be the only thing you do, right. Because if you’re only looking for your big fish, then you need a couple in your pipeline to be able to keep the lights on. Make sure you’re okay. Right. But the brilliance of it is.

Let’s say that you have, and I’m sure everybody can think of this. Think back to your clients right now. Who’s somebody that made 10 times the amount for you in your business and was five times more profitable than all of your other clients, that one client that could completely change your world. Now, majority of these.

We land maybe accidentally or we go, oh wow. It’s so great. We won this big client, but the question is, do you have a campaign that is consistently running where you are perpetually going after these clients, that just one would change your world? So it’s, it’s a frame of mind shifts and something that we do with clients, which I would recommend everyone do.

This is going to be a homework assignment. Can you pull up all of your clients over the last year and how much. Spent with you and then analyze that data. So typically what we find, which is very shocking for most business owners, and you can do it as a sales rep as well. Right. So look at all of the sales that you’ve made.

What percentage of it is your biggest client. So typically we’ll find that 20% of your clientele produce 80% of your revenue. And it’s shocking how time and time again, this happens, it’s very common and people will go, why am I wasting all of my time? So many of these, uh, cells that are so small when I could be focusing on a better quality client that will produce me more revenue for less amount of busy work.

Right. So that’s kind of the concept.

Mindvalley Jason: Now, when it comes to narrowing it down, like when your story, you talk about the. And they had a 2000 name, phone book. They narrowed it down to 168. So there clearly has to be an idea of understanding who you want to reach. And so what are some of the criteria is if we’re listening to this, if I’m like, okay, I like this idea of focusing on quote unquote, the whales, right.

But where do I start narrowing this?

Amanda Holmes: It’s so funny that you asked that I just recently interviewed one of our clients, Carolin Soldo, maybe some of, you know, being females. And I see there’s a lot of coaches in the, in the audience. She’s the premier coach teaching females that are maybe work nine to five, trying to become coaches.

She’s brilliant at it. She used this strategy and they narrowed it down to five reasons to know if they were a dream buyer. So number one, who are our most profitable clients, Pretty nice. Right. And I have clients all the time that don’t even know who their most profitable clients are. Maybe they generate the most revenue, but because they’re such a high-maintenance client, it ends up eating up all of their profits.

So who’s the most profitable number two, who is really easy to sell. Who’s just effortless that when you finally get in front of them, it might be hard to get their attention because they’re bigger. But once you get in front of them, they understand it. It makes sense. So it’s easy to sell ease of delivery.

Is it easy to then give them your services? I know a lot of you are coaches on the call. How many of you have had those smaller end clients? Where just nothing you can do helps them, but then you can do a 10th of the work for your client. Four times the price of like a coaching agreement, right. Jason’s nodding his head.

Like, yes, I know those guys right. Where they’re paying way more and, and they’re so grateful for what you do. So ease of service. And then do you have fun? Working with them. Maybe let’s add in a little bit of this balance, right? It doesn’t have to always be a slog who has a similar way of life. As you, who resonates with you, where when you walk into the room, you are the hip cool person.

And maybe you’re not always the hip cool person, but. Nick you are Jason’s again, laughing. He must know. Do you have an example of this

Mindvalley Jason: where you’re thinking of that? It’s just, I’m surrounded in this industry so often. And you know, a lot of times people say, well, you do coaching for $500 and you’re delivering $5,000 of value.

And then you sell coaching for 5,000. Yeah. Dollars and the people you feel like you’ve only put in $500 worth of your time, but the value you’ve delivered to them is like 10,000. You know, I just drew a couple of numbers here, but it’s very interesting when you have these certain clients that you’re like, wow, how did I generate so much money when it wasn’t that hard?

And the clients extremely happy. There’s almost like a level of guilt that can come with it, or like, what is that too much? But then you’re like, wait, everything works. Is this how business is supposed to.

Amanda Holmes: Oh, I love that. Yes. And then if you’ve noticed that, how can you repeat that? How can you fill your entire day with those people?

Mindvalley Jason: I’d have a question for some of the people that might be listening to this, because for those who have existing businesses, you can go and audit, go and do that research and look at those clients. And then you’d basically go into the demographics, the kind of industries, all these things that you could narrow down, who these people are to try to find more.

Well, what if I’m just getting started? What if I don’t have a history of buyers? There’s the Greenbrier program means, right. Come up with the best dream idea of what a potential client could be.

Amanda Holmes: I mean, there’s a, you just have to start really. So at first for my own dream buyer journey, I had close. So we’ve worked with 80 of the fortune 500, but, uh, after my father passed was a bit of a break where we didn’t work with as many.

And I was the first one to again, when another fortune 500 client, it was Panasonic and they were a great client for us. And I thought that. My dream 100 was definitely the best buyer. I mean, I’m sorry, uh, was a fortune 500 because they’re pie in the sky, you know, they’re the best. And then I started to realize that in a fortune 500 company, it’s very hard to make changes.

Now we were over the time that we worked with them, we were able to grow their revenue, or we were part of growing their revenue by 400%. So that was fantastic. I, Jim Shelton was the leader of that and he’s magnificent leader. I started to realize that when you get to a smaller company, maybe in the eight figures, trying to get to nine figures, it’s easier to make changes that can be implemented immediately instead of having a fortune 500, where you have to go so many ranks to get approval.

So it just takes effort. It started. I’ll give you another example. Another way that you can utilize this strategy is using dream affiliates. Now, one of our wonderful past clients, it’s a great success story for us is Russell Brunson. So he was able to learn the dream buyer strategy from my father directly and he implemented it and it was one of the biggest strategies for him to go from zero to a hundred million.

Four years with ClickFunnels. It’s, it’s an amazing story. And he did dream affiliates to the maximum. So think who is an affiliate of yours that has the same end user as you. So at first, when I first started doing this affiliate strategy, I thought, okay, I’ll get all the ones that have like 5 million followers, 4 million followers.

And what I realized is for my particular business, I. Business owners. I don’t as much. I mean, anybody can read ultimate sales machine. That’s great. But if you really want some high-end coaching, that’s what we do. A seven figure CEO and eight figure CEO, a nine figure CEO. And when I was serving these affiliates, Who had so many followers, they really didn’t have the quality of lead that I was looking for.

So I had to adjust my affiliates to start finding ones that had businesses, you know, a doctor, a dentist, a we do great. I have clients that sell high-end door handles. I am clans that, that, you know, the paper that says do not remove this on mattresses. That’s a client of mine. They own like 80% of the papers.

They print the paper that goes on a mattress. So there was some random businesses, but, uh, yeah, we serve them all. I can give another example of B2C. Would you like that? Or do you want to, I think a lot of

Mindvalley Jason: people here might be more in the B2C. Hmm. Okay.

Amanda Holmes: So when it comes to B to C the best neighborhood strategy is a great one.

So, uh, if you think that, like, for instance, if a restaurant owner was going to do a dream buyer strategy, uh, you would find the more affluent areas around you that have. Maybe they go out to dinner maybe three or four times a week, versus somebody that might come to you once a month and lead an intensive effort to target those people.

So you can either do that on Facebook today, you could do mailer into their mailboxes, right? Get a free dinner. Come. We will, it will be on us because we celebrate our community, right. Something like that. And my father had done this with one of our restaurants in our neighborhood and they said, no, I would never give away a free dinner.

That’s crazy. Well, you have to think about this. Somebody that’s a dream buyer is somebody that, you know, I, I, my father gave the example. I probably spend over a hundred thousand dollars at your restaurant a year because I eat out four to five nights a week. And I bring all of my friends who are also affluent.

Right. So we’re perpetually generating units. Is it worth $40, $50, $60 for that kind of a buyer. And then he said, okay. Yeah, I guess so he ended up doing this and saving this, this restaurant that was looking like it was going to go under actually, and my father managed to turn around on one condition. Can you imagine the sky was about to close down his restaurant in my father loved it so much.

He’s like, I will help you, but only. I can always have a seat in your restaurant. And the gentleman was like, okay, like this guy is really full of himself, but then lo and behold, a year later they had done this and he got there on Valentine’s day. And I will tell you, there was not one seat available. And my father called up the manager and said, You promised.

So they put together a table right in the kitchen, literally, so that my father could sit and have his dinner. Um, it’s a great story, but yeah. So the best neighborhood strategy is great for B2C.

Mindvalley Jason: Perfect. So when you talk about the dream buyer program here, in essence, what we’re doing. Finding out who are the people who are the most valuable to us and make sure we laser focus on them.

As you said, let’s focus on the ones that are easy to do business with that generate a lot of profit caveat, not necessarily revenue, because some of the biggest revenue clients can also be the biggest cost clients. So we want to be more focused on the profit so you can understand who are bringing in the big bucks.

That makes sense. You want to make sure you’re having fun doing business with them and you start narrowing down that, Hey, these are the types of people that I should be focusing on targeting, which at this point, you know, with the tools we have in the technology today, I would think is easier than ever.

Whether you’re in B2B or B to C it’s basically. You can find targeting tools. You can find communities, you can find affiliates and you want them to be the more focused. So not going for those big, big affiliates that have a lot of low quality leads. As you were mentioning, you went for big accounts and then you realize you weren’t doing a dream buyer program anymore.

It was basically just everybody. So being more specific on exactly who you want and then coming up with interesting ways of where would they hang out. And I wanted to kind of switch with the fact that if I’ve done my work, so. I’ve become clear on who they are. I found some areas, maybe it’s Facebook group, LinkedIn communities, maybe it’s an influencer, a microinsurance or that speaks specifically to the people I really want.

I’ve done my work now. What, so what would be the best ways I could start engaging with them? And am I engaging with them any differently than if. I stumbled across them in the vast majority of the people I was reaching out.

Amanda Holmes: Jason, you were reading my mind. You’re so good. Okay. So yes. Yes. So this probably goes back to a bit of what your book is on to selling, selling with love.

So, so with a dream buyer, it’s usually somebody that is just that huge client that you would love to win. So when you first reach out to them, it’s not about you. Let’s break this down. You should really come from how can I serve them in the best way possible. So to get someone’s attention, I’ll use, um, Louis Garcia, one of our young proteges.

That’s just absolutely brilliant. So it just a bit of a backstory on him. He was growing social media pages on Instagram and selling them like real estate. Seven years ago. And this kid was at the time, like 26 years old and he, and he made over a million dollars selling off his followings that he built up and then would sell also very bright young man.

A lot of ambition if you ever heard of it, Instagram. So. He was trying to get a billionaire as a client now to get that billionaire as a client, he just said, what can I do to help? What can I do to serve? How can I be in your world? Because he wants to be a billionaire. So obviously model the masters.

Right? So first he started working for him for free. He got in the door. He laser focused on him and said, what ever you need. I will be here for you. He started interacting with every one of the staff in his company. Actually, I did this in reverse order because he didn’t win the client. But at first he started following up with all of this stuff.

And then said, okay, I’ll work for you for free, worked for him for free for some time, and then got his business, but for a billionaire, right? What would it be worth? What would it be worth to be able to work with? It was Tom bill. You. So you worked with Tom Bilyeu. So the question is, can you gift them something that maybe they would love?

So for instance, I was trying to get the attention of Russell Brunson. Even though, you know, we go back and forth, but he’s very busy. So my father had written a book about the dream buyer strategy, first person, and we’ve never released it. And so I actually had one printed. I had one printed just for him.

One copy. And I said, this is the one manuscript, probably nobody will ever see this manuscript. Like you will see it, but I want to give it to you, which talk about a novel gift. He’s gone on to recommend the dream buyer strategy. It’s in majority of his books, I’m very grateful for all of the work he’s done to carry that on and carry on my father’s legacy.

But that is a gift that he will cherish. Right. What’s something and it, and it costs. $10 to send him that. Right. But it was something that he, you really love. So if you know some of those influencers or dream clients where you’re watching them today, we know so much about our prospects unlike, ever before.

So if you can watch and see, oh, they really like baseball or, oh, they really. It can be a myriad of things, right? What can you send them that something of value to them, what’s something where you see that they’re focused on a topic and you can solve a problem of theirs. So can you solve a problem? Can you generate them business?

Can you bring them business? Can you be a raving fan of what they do so that it comes back around right. And affiliate of mine that I wanted to get a couple of years ago was a lead pages when they were top of the market. So I utilize lead pages and I grew my marketing by 1175%. And I came in and I said, because of lead pages, I was able to grow my marketing 1175%.

Cause I built my funnels online and it’s so empowering to be able to have that ability to do it quickly and easily. Thank you, Lee pages. So they started using my story as a case study, and I ended up being on one of their stages and getting lots of press from them. So there’s a lot of different ways that you can win them as clients, but it’s coming from that place of service and really thinking, what can I do to serve this person?

I. I would love it. That people came every day was saying that what being humbleness and gratitude and just say, what can I do to serve? But especially when it comes to your dream buyers, you just can’t think about yourself. What can I do to help them to serve them, to provide them value so that they consider me a valuable.

Resource so that when they think of me, they think of that, that is a bright spot in my day. And I can’t wait to interact with that person. That’s what we should be for our clients. That’s what we should be for ourselves. Because at the end of the day, how much more fruitful of a life when lived in abundance of just knowing that you’re giving value, I’m getting chills.

Just talking about it. My gosh.

Mindvalley Jason: Well, you are the perfect person to speak to a mind valley audience here, because we are all about that. We definitely love this point of view and I a hundred percent agree. This is what I talk about as well. When you come from that place, it just changes the energy you bring into the sales interaction, and you start doing things that are taking maybe a little bit more time, maybe a little bit more effort, but at the same time, bringing you the results that really matter.

Hey, if you’re looking at all the statistics you speak about were thousand percent increases in sales left and right. This is what the real deal is. And, you know, I love that. The fact that once we go through this idea, it’s not that you have those 2000 people that you’re just sending a very generic non-personalized message that just, you know, doesn’t stick.

When you have that level of focus, you can spend that additional time to make that additional impression to really be able to sell. To them in a way they want to be spoken to. And you don’t have to look far. I’m just saying anytime you’re browsing on YouTube, for those of you who decided not to take that one month trial for you to premium and have those ads from YouTube that are just these generic ads.

Right. And how are we responsible? Are we clicking the skip ad all the time? Most of the time, because it’s very rare that you see something that speaks so specifically to you. In the same way as salespeople that are going out to the B2B world, they’re just sending out the generic, Hey, we can help you with X, Y, Z, which is the generic statement with no personalization.

We find ourselves a numb to it. There’s so much bombardment of marketing messages and sales messages that are generic. When you start applying the dream buyer program, as you say, you’re putting in time, you’re putting in effort, you’re putting in care and you’re getting to stand from this crowd, which, you know, the internet has done some wonderful things to give us access.

Information and be able to do this, but it’s almost like we’ve lowered our level of putting effort into even trying to make a powerful

Amanda Holmes: sale. Yes. I want to speak to this as well. So another thing that my father was very famous for is pigheaded, discipline and determination. So majority of people do not have that pigheaded, discipline and determination to continue to follow up, to make sure that they win that business.

Now I’ll give you another stat. 97% of prospects feel that salespeople are too pushy today. 97%. All my gosh. So what are we doing to provide valued to give something that just like I said, that bright spot, right? So I’ll give an example. I was trying to win a client that was an eight figure client. And I had met them at a, a, a traffic and conversion, a big summit for my industry and 80%.

Of leads generated from trade shows, by the way, are never followed up on according to Salesforce. So what do we do to follow up? I had gotten this gentleman’s information. I had gotten his Instagram every single day for I’m telling you three months, I commented on every post this man had now, normally.

When you’re running a nine-figure business, you don’t have time to interact with everybody all the time. This man had to see my interactions every single day was as if we were in dialogue every single day. Now he didn’t say much of anything, but he did. He was replying. So, so let’s say he had posted about his son.

And he said that I’m betting to see that he can’t eat sugar for a full 24 hours. Otherwise he will have to pay me 20 bucks. He like couldn’t last an hour and a half. It was something really silly. I probably not an hour and a half, but he couldn’t last the 24 hours. And I said, ah, ha, that’s so funny. You should have charged him more.

That would have been funny. Then he posted another thing about his wife and seeing these beautiful Christmas lights. And she looked so happy. And I replied back to that one and said, Wow, your wife looks so happy for Christmas lights. You should surprise her in the middle of the year with Christmas lights.

You shouldn’t do this more often than just Christmas. Cause she obviously loves it. Right. You get bought some boots to go home tagging. And uh, I said, oh, be careful. I climbed Kilimanjaro with Eric Edmeades by the way. And I know. Yeah. And I know that because I did on a Tuesday, he said, Hey, you should come to Africa with me and climb the largest freestanding mountain in the world.

And I said, oh, that sounds really cool. Yeah. I’ll go on Thursday. I bought my boots on Friday and Saturday and on Monday I was in Africa. So I had to climb the largest freestanding mountain with a new pair of boots. So for anybody that’s a hiker knows that that’s the stupidest thing you could do cause you have to wear in your boots first.

So I let this gentleman know, make sure you’re wearing your boots. Cause I can’t kill him in general with, with new boots. Painful. Right. So every little thing that I commented on him was something of value, something to acknowledge him because I’m listening because I want to be valued for him. And then three months in took three months, but three months in, he reached out to me and said, You know, we’re doing something with all of our top clients and I want to buy 600 of your ultimate sales machine books and gift them to everybody.

Right. I didn’t have to mention it. And this is the brilliance of marketing, by the way, creating top of mind awareness. What can you do to create top of mind awareness with your dream buyers, with any of your buyers, right? With any of your prospects? This is a gift that we can give that doesn’t cost a dime.

All it takes is money, which does cost us money, cost or time costs us. But what can you do? Adds value to their every single day. Where can you find it an opportunity to say, oh, I know that. Let me give you a solution to that. Oh, I can help you. Let me introduce you to this person. Oh, I can do right. How can you be that valuable person over and over and over again?

Where they just say, who is this person? I have to work with them because they’ve given me so much,

Mindvalley Jason: Amanda, I love that you brought it full circle because I started off with one of the questions. The fact that the title of a book called ultimate sales machine was about taking away the human aspect in sales.

And I really love what you’re sharing in this think as a closing message for everybody here is that sales instead has to become hyper human. It’s great to have all these systems and processes and technology that allows us to be more. Able to reach people. We never thought we could reach before we can have these things that make us be able to go through processes faster, to deliver more consistently.

But at the same time, we never have to let go of that human aspect of sales, which is how do you come from a place of value? How do you place from come from a place of service? And Amanda, this whole conversation was so powerful. And for everybody listening, dream, bye. What are you doing to make sure you have worked with them, finding the ones that are generating the most profit that are already easiest for you to work with getting to know them intimately, they’ll go for the thousands, find a few hundreds, and then you follow your sales strategy with a lot more personal vacation.

And Amanda here shared that, you know, once you have that focus on exactly who you want to work with, go the extra mile. Social media, the LinkedIns, all of these things are at your disposal and you can really go and find a way that you can be relevant. You can stand out when you can provide value and you will see sales number starts to increase very rapidly when you’re actually putting the effort in the right place, because it’s not about doing 4,000 activities.

As Amanda said, it’s about doing those 12 activities 4,000 times, and that will turn you into the sales machine that you can be to grow your business, increase your sales and make that impact. You’ve always wanted to make. Amanda, thank you so much for your time and being on the show. I’m so excited to hear that you’re carrying on this legacy and adding that consciousness and heart even more into it.

I think it’s a beautiful thing. I think it’s highly influential. And for everybody tuning in, if you haven’t read the ultimate sales machine, definitely grab a copy. We’ll put a link in the show notes as well as some links to additional material from the Chet Holmes international website. Thank you again, Amanda and everybody tuning in.

Stay super here. Thank you. Thanks again for tuning in hope you’ve enjoyed this podcast and if you haven’t signed up already be sure to check out mine valley membership besides getting unlimited access to our top rated programs and training.


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