The Five Lead Sources In Finding Your Dream Client List

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Here’s a recap in case you need it:

WHAT is the Dream Buyer Strategy? The Dream Buyer strategy is the fastest, least expensive way to double your sales. This one strategy has doubled the size of more companies than any other. To learn about the origin click here.

WHO is your dream buyer avatar? Read last week’s post on the 5 Ways to identify your Dream Buyers to get clearer on WHO you’re looking to target. 

WHERE do I find them? Once you’ve identified who you’re looking for, now you need lead sources to help you get their information. Clients come to us trying to get assistance running their dream buyer campaigns and they usually fall down on the very important step…  


Here’s a fact: “If you can’t find people to include in your dream clients list, then you’re probably not looking hard enough.” Carolin Soldo, one of the most recognized coaches for women business owners and has been named the female entrepreneur of the year by the Stevie Awards.

Carolin shared in a recent interview the best lead sources you should consider to finally complete your dream client list. We’ve added a bit more to it for you as well.

SOURCE #1: Your Database

When was the last time you went through the contacts in your own phone to see who you haven’t communicated with in a while? 

For the majority of people, this is a very rare occurrence. When looking for your dream buyer list, you need to look under your own hood! Who do you have in your database, in your cell phone contacts, in your email address book, that could be a better buyer? 

It is very possible that you’ve already met a dream client, you just never followed up. I’ll tell you that Salesforce reports 80% of leads are never followed up on from events. It’s very possible you have these leads sitting in your very own cell phone, or database that are untapped gems!

When used wisely, your database, no matter how small or big it may be, should give you a good foundation of dream clients to add to your list. 

Recently CEO Amanda Holmes did this with her own cell phone and connected with John Lee Dumas, founder of Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast with over 100 million downloads. She ended up doing some work with him and staying in his home in Puerto Rico, all because of a random text message.





 SOURCE #2: LinkedIn

Did you know that 80% of social network business-to-business leads are attributed to Linkedin? 

Linkedin is known for being the ‘business and professional’ community, so you know how effective LinkedIn is in terms of marketing and social selling.

First, you and your team should analyze all your Linkedin contacts, looking for your dream clients.

Second secret tip about Linkedin, you can search those dream client’s contacts! 

It’s never been easier to be able to see everyone in the network of your dream prospects. It’s as if you’re taking their little black book and stealing it! 

It’s available right there on Linkedin for everyone to see. But how often have you actually used it?

Here’s the catch: You have to spend the time. Once you’ve clearly identified who your dream prospects are, it’s also possible to hire a virtual assistant to search through your contact’s contacts, visiting people’s profiles, websites, filtering them by industry or by keywords to find more dream prospects.

It’s a manual process BUT what comes down to it is the quality of the people on your list. 

Just like what Carolin mentioned, “if you put that effort into the beginning, your results will be so much better. It will be worth it!”

So if you still don’t use LinkedIn for your business yet, now is the best time to do so!

SOURCE #3: Google Search

Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably use Google at least once or twice every day.

Search engines these days have become so accessible, easy, and convenient to use. It’s at that point where one can’t really reason out that “they can’t find their customers” or “they don’t know who they are”.

Seriously, all it takes is a single click on a search bar!

SOURCE #4: Referrals

Good leads can also come through referrals. The idea behind this is to reach out to your colleagues, partners, past, and current clients – whoever it may be – and ask for their opinions or recommendations.

Who do they think will fit your criteria? 

What were their experiences in working with this certain person? 

Are they able to form a good relationship? 

Who is that someone they think can nurture and add value to your business?

Although referrals generate only a small number of leads, what’s great with this is the quality of leads that come is remarkable! 

It’s basically a way of accessing opportunities that you might not be able to find on your own.

SOURCE #5: Affiliates

Same as referrals, great lead sources can also come through the organizations that you are a part of.

We had a client, Panasonic Eco Solutions, they were looking to partner with builders that were focused on going green in their new construction decisions. They were able to find these like-minded builders by joining associations that promoted Green initiatives.

What organizations serve your clientele? 

Being in an organization means that you share similarities with the other members of the group – be it your profession, beliefs, interests, goals, or advocacies.

This alone makes it a whole lot easier for you to be on the same page with them!

Most organizations also host workshops and seminars allowing you to expand your social network, be known among people from the same industry, and find possible candidates for your dream client list!

So go ahead and access your organization’s member database. Who knows? Your dream clients might be on that same facebook group with you all along!


Using these five lead sources, Carolin Soldo and her sales team managed to handpick people that should be on their Dream Buyer list in a span of 2-4 weeks. It’s really about using the resources available to you and figuring out the best way to utilize them.

Take note that the most challenging part of everything is knowing when and how to start. Business isn’t an exception.

Lead sourcing is vital but it can be overwhelming to find who your dream clients actually are. However, keep in mind that the effort you exert today will definitely help you in the long run!

Having a high-quality list of clients is equal to time and effort spent on the prospects that actually matter, the ones you really want to work with, and those who you think are actually worth it.

To learn more about how to win these dream prospects as clients and double your sales, visit! We have a step-by-step process on how to run a dream buyer strategy that works!


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