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Here’s some big takeaways to learn from Tom Schaff on choosing your Dream 100 list:

  • When looking for your Dream 100, if you’re looking for the ones that have the problem that you solve, you’ll be too late. Ask yourself: what’s the problem we solve, what’s the situation that creates that problem? Therefore, you must look at your dream 100 thinking of the antecedent events that cause the need. When you can find the sign that says someone’s going to buy they just don’t know it yet, then you’re being smart.
  • Most companies ask the wrong question, they ask:
    • Who do I want to work with, instead of who can I create the most value for?
    • Who’s harmed the most because I’m not here?
  • When you can get your list of who you can make the most difference for, weirdly enough, they’ll be waiting for you to show up. That tends to be your best dream clients, when they need you more than you need them. Then you can have even greater success.
  • Don’t just look at raw numbers and say here’s a hundred for my Dream 100. That’s a list. If you’re going to do that call the Z’s nobody ever gets to them.
  • Dream 100 is not a prize to be won, it’s a fit to be made. It’s a marriage to be made.
  • Why go after a hundred equally when there’s ten you can make a difference for.

Last but not least some golden nuggets to keep in mind as you continue your journey:

  • Once you’ve hunted whales and like it, you’ll never hunt anything but whales again.
  • You can get in front of anyone if you have a reason.
  • The word salesperson is an interesting one, we often leave the “person” out of the sale.
  • Other people go to work, I go to play.


3:51 How to choose your Dream 100 list.
6:24 How covid crashed his business and had to start a whole new company overnight. Went from zero to seven figures within 45 days using this Dream 100 strategy.
13:23 How to find your Dream job.
18:33 Field of Dreams -Deploying his Celebrity Dream 100 right now which includes a six foot cardboard cutout of Dwayne Johnson.
25:54 Clever direct mail piece you’ve NEVER thought of, and work like a DREAM.
30:15 Tom’s realization that business can be fun and funny and where it came from.
32:32 Tom’s failed comic career turned into his best kept secret for cold calling technique that landed the biggest executives in the Fortune 500.
39:17 Picking your Dream 100 list isn’t about what you want, it’s about who wants you. Story about college when Tom didn’t know how to sell and yet became a top producer anticipating the pain of his clientele before they had their problem.
46:50 Don’t just pick a list based on a name, what works better is to think. Here’s an example of the Inuit tribe that tracked Whales.
49:09 Stop calling the VP of Sales that doesn’t have ability to buy pencils, time to call the decision maker who has authority to purchase.
54:54 a story of a client that had 960 clients, Tom suggested they fire all of them and only go after 4…
58:45 The word salesperson is an interesting one, we often leave the “person” out of the sale.”
59:34 The best thing you can be is YOU.


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