How to Train Your Prospects to Buy From You 40% More Efficiently

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This episode features another exceptional guest in our book launch, the person who has helped me tremendously with the new edition of the Ultimate Sales Machine, Julie Ann Eason.

Tune in to this episode as we talk about how to train your prospects to buy from you 40% more efficiently by creating education-based content!


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Alan:  thank all of you for joining us today on the book Launch and Party. And you know what? I think we have somebody that’s also special that helped you a lot with this book.

We wanna bring her in. Yes, 

Amanda: absolutely. Julie, 

Alan: why 

Amanda: don’t you tell the world about 

Alan: Julie? Yes, Julie, I’ll come on. And Julie, I’ll step out. You can come on in, right? 

Amanda: You go. Beautiful. Yes. 

Julie: It’s finally 

Amanda: time. I can’t believe it. . So for those of you that saw Dear Dad, For instance, right? So when I first met Julie she, we had our first meeting and I said, I know that I need help with my book.

She had assisted, Russell Brunson with his books Rich Sheron with his Alex 

Julie: Sharpen. Thank you. Yeah 

Amanda: that’s who you were trying to think. Thank you. Oh my gosh. So many huge names of her ability to pull out the genius from somebody and just make it so easy to understand. And then also just make it effortless and easy to sell as well, which is you’re brilliance.

Here is your daily dose of the Ultimate Sales machine coming to you from the new edition. Visit ultimate sales to get your copy or multiple copies. I am your host, Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Homes International. What you’re about to learn has assisted a quarter of a million businesses to generate billions of dollars working faster, better, smarter.

Amanda: It goes beyond just books, but with the book. So I came to her and I said, I don’t think I’ll ever finish this thing unless I get some help. 

Julie: No. You said, I’m in Puerto Rico for two weeks and I’m gonna finish it and it’s gonna be great and it’ll be done. And I was like, Oh, good for you,

Amanda: Good luck. Yeah, that didn’t happen. So in our first meeting she says, I gave her the forward and I said, It’s dear reader, and she, you 

Julie: wanna share. I was like, I don’t know, a bolt of lightning hit me or something. Or Chet was in the room or something. But I said, it really shouldn’t be.

Dear reader, it’s nice to connect with the reader. I love using dear reader as a forward, but it really should be, Dear Dad, you need to tell your dad what it is that you are feeling and what it is because we were trying to find a way to seamlessly blend. The new stuff, which was a lot. You put so much new into this book and your voice and how are we gonna make it like not be a whole different book?

And how are we gonna keep it with Chet and you? Are we gonna have different fonts? What’s gonna go on? All you have to do is let the readers see you and your dad talking. That’s all you’re gonna have to do. And yeah, she said, No way. I’m not doing that 

Amanda: everybody. When I tell other people, they’re like, Oh yeah, of course.

And I’m like, Are you kidding me? My initial reaction was, No, heck no. And she’s Oh, okay, we’ve hit a barrier. Just think about it, . So I said, Okay, I’ll do it as an exercise, but it’s not going in the book. And here we are, right. A year later with it in the book, it’s been a year. And that’s what we led with in all of the promotions, was a video with it.

Julie: Cause you knew, she knew she was, She texted me that night you were crying. I 

Amanda: mean it was terrible. And it was a really beautiful letter for sure. But the every step of the process, I felt so uncomfortable. The video, I wanted it to be black screen with white words and that would be it. And everybody was like, No,

I’m like, this feels so uncomfortable, but yet it keeps landing. So it was you. It was Jeffrey Hazlet. It was everybody helping to guide me to say, Yep, nope, you should go this way. So I hope for everybody on this call, I’m sure you have those guides that assist you. We can’t do it alone or we can go fast alone or we can go far 

Julie: together.

And there’s a really important lesson in that is that whatever is uncomfortable, Check in with yourself because it’s probably what you should be doing. Like every time people do things that are uncomfortable, every time I do things that are uncomfortable later on, it’s Okay, yeah, that really was the right call.

Or man, I wish I had done that. I wish I’d had the courage to do what you do on a daily basis. Astounds me. She’s so courageous. So 

Amanda: yeah. So let’s talk about chapter four. So the changes that have happened in the marketplace over the last 15 [00:04:00] years, right? Yeah. My father invented this stadium pitch concept 

Julie: and yeah, Amanda, so she came to me and we were, she was like, We got it.

We’ve got all of these things we need to update. We had to update chapter seven, which is a whole nother conversation. We could do a webinar in that one because it was a lot. But she’s We’ve gotta, we gotta update these things and we’ve gotta make it not only relevant, because Che was brilliant at strategy, right?

He was, that was his whole thing. I’m gonna just be a strategist because it’s timeless. Timeless strategy wins over tactics any day of the week. I’ve had friends who like wrote the first book on Facebook marketing and she literally spent five years in her basement rewriting it every two months because they kept changing over and over again cuz she’s not writing about strategy or writing about tactics.

And that will always change. And so what we did, what you did was you were like, Oh my gosh the buyer’s pyramid. Yeah. 

Amanda: Can we have the buyer’s pyramid up? 

Julie: when she showed me that, and I’d read [00:05:00] it way back in the day when I was a copywriter, like 20 years ago, and I was like, Yeah, that’s so familiar. I get that.

I’m like, Wait a minute, . Cause it’s an upside down funnel, right? And so once, once we flipped it, and I you’ve on this call, if you’ve been watching, like Amanda flipped it upside down and now there’s the core story that is the global pain. Am I in the way? No, 

Amanda: Yeah. Of those things I love also, I love, what you had articulated for me is when my first, when my father first came up with the education based marketing, it was before content marketing, right?

He’s the grandfather. He started content marketing, right? So he was educating people on how to create a title that would get people’s attention, get more of that buyer’s pyramid. . And now today there’s 3.8 billion social media pages and everybody’s blasting out content. Yeah. But 

Julie: then, so we just had to figure out how do we take content marketing and education based marketing, which is what Chuck called it, and turn it into something that’s different, that can compete with all of [00:06:00] these different, channels and all of these different ways of educating people.

Chuck would’ve loved social media. He’d have been all over it. He’d have been, This is great. Oh my God, it’s free. . But we had to bring in something that was going to. Contextually relevant to these people, right? So it’s, what is it? 40% of content actually makes people not wanna buy from you, Stops you from buying, stops you from buying 40%.

So if you could just stop doing 40 the right 40% of your content you’d cut your stress in half right there, , and also get people, more people to buy from you. 

Amanda: But it was, and it was terrifying. So I was like, Okay, Julie. I have a framework that we use in our education based market in our core story division, but we’ve never divulged it.

It’s like it’s our secret sauce. I can’t show that. Yeah, you can, 

Julie: and you can always show your secret sauce. Absolutely. Show your secret sauce. Show it because people need it, because there’s no way that you can ever serve all of the people who need to understand how to take data driven marketing messages and put it into [00:07:00] content and use it on all of the beautiful platforms that we have.

The technology that’s available today for free that you can use to build a business is astounding. You just have to understand the right way to use it, the right way to take market data, combine it with a story, hook the emotions, give the brain logical permission to say, Oh yeah, I totally wanna buy it because, Of XYZ data piece that they just gave me.

Yeah. And so you’re creating relevant content, you’re creating data driven content and all of the ways that we can do that, just make every other bit of content marketing, education based marketing 

Amanda: like, Yeah. Can we show it up again? So let me just dive into this. Can we just take 60 seconds to, Yeah.

So when we think about content, right? What we would start with, Oh, shataki, I just messed up quite a few things. All right, so we start with the global pain. Now, the point of the global pain is to grab the attention of [00:08:00] everyone. It’s to start a conversation with anyone so that they start to want to hear what you have to say.

That’s your hook, right? And there’s a way to establish yourself as an expert by talking about trends that have happened over time. Then we get into targeted pain, which really dives deep into what is keeping your prospect up at night. Some a quote that many have said, I love Bill glaciers, is if you understand your prospect better than they understand themselves, then they believe that you are the one that has that solution.

That’s why we then go into solutions. And then in the solutions, we only have to solve a portion of that pain to be able to make them feel, Wow, this person is giving me value, or This company is giving me value, and I haven’t even given them my credit card yet. I can’t even imagine what they would do if I gave them my credit card.

And then we get into resetting of the buying criteria. Do you wanna talk about 

Julie: that? Oh my gosh. So resetting buying criteria is one of the things Che loved. He was, it’s basically training people to buy from you, right? Because everybody has very unique sets of circumstances. [00:09:00] There’s awards that they’ve won or they’ve been in business for 30 years, or they’ve won, in 5,009 times in the last nine years.

All those kind. Little tidbits that people don’t like to share because they’re like, Oh yeah, that was cool, but it was five years ago, or whatever. They don’t use those trust building elements and use those things as reasons to buy from you as opposed to somebody else. So what we do now is we create buyers’ guides and the buyers’ guides.

If you’ve been in the, in any of the course story boot camps, how many 

Amanda: has been in the challenge? How many, Who’s been in the challenge going through the challenge? I know Justin was Yeah, 

Julie: just yesterday. Yes. They finished up another challenge. Blue. Yeah. Those buyers guides are gold because they’re the fastest way.

You don’t even, you don’t even have to have a ton of market data or anything, cuz that can take time. So it takes a lot of testing, but if you can just find five reasons that people should buy from you and reverse engineer a, a, an education based piece of marketing [00:10:00] material that says, Hey, here’s five ways that you could, really double your sales.

Or here’s five ways that you could completely destroy your company in the next year. It depends on which way you wanna go with it, but you can go both ways, right? Absolutely. And you just create this one piece and then you can put it 

Amanda: everywhere. And all of that is so that by the time you get to talking about you, you are the number one logical conclusion.

They can’t go anywhere else. They can because you’ve done all of these things and this is what we’ve done in every industry around the world. And we’re finally giving it, and it’s in chapter. Yes, I added to it. You’ll see the gray pages are all the parts that I added to it. So I made it really simple for you guys to find where the updates are.

So when you get your book, you’ll see the gray areas. It’s at the end of chapter four. 

Julie: I love it. I love it. And there’s so many other updates that we did, but that one piece has already changed. The core stories that we’ve done, we’ve updated even the into the boot camps done for you and into the boot camps and all.

We, all 

Amanda: those places, we’ve never, we’d never had a really [00:11:00] simple way for those that didn’t wanna pay for us to do it for them. Yeah. For them to figure it out themselves. And I’m so proud of our data, right? We’re teaching about how to blend data in story, and yet we’re doing data on our own clientele.

And we’re seeing that 42% of them are generating leads within the first 30 days of going through a bootcamp. That’s crazy. 32% of them online trainings compared to a normal course that only gets a 4% completion rate. We’re actually tracking results. We’re getting 10 times that. So Julie has been such a huge part of that for us, and I’m so grateful.

I would’ve been able to do it with this team. 

Julie: This is just the everybody who’s part of this launch, thank you so much for showing up. This has been the most incredible journey for Amanda and for the entire team and the publisher and everybody involved. And so it’s just such a cool thing to, to have everybody here as part of this.

It’s really exciting. Thank you for 

Amanda: showing up.

Outro: Make sure to get your copy or copies at the ultimate sales [00:12:00] There’s a lot of special bonuses that you can’t get going to Amazon, so make sure you check it [email protected]

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