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If you’re still on the fence about being part of this cohort of business leaders spanning around the world in our live Bootcamp, you can listen to this week’s podcast where I break down: 

  • The explanation into why you’re able to get 9x the buyers from the moves you’re already making.
  • It speaks to others who have done it, so you know you’re not alone.
  • And it outlines the Core Story Bootcamp training and all it’s details.


May you cherish your family this holiday season. 

May your words hold the weight of knowing that they are numbered. 

And may you tell those you love the words they need to hear so they know you appreciate them.

We never know when life will take an unexpected turn that will take them from our lives.

Thank you for your support, for your breakthroughs, for your successes. It makes this work I get to do a blessing.


with love,


P.S. Here’s the link again to the bootcamp, I’m looking forward to being live with you in the training.


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[00:00] Chet Holmes: Hi, I’m Chet Holmes. If you own a business, here’s another concept for doubling the size of your business in 12 months flat, I call it the stadium pitch. What if I could put all your potential buyers in a giant stadium and you can present to them all at once making your company famous in a single day if you do it right. 

But 99% of businesses surveyed are not prepared, are you?

If I could put you in front of all your potential buyers right now, learn this concept and you can attract up to nine times more buyers with the same efforts you’re already making, how to lock out your competitors even if they offered a lower price, how to triple your closing ratio from tire kickers to buyers.

I’m Chet Holmes, author of the number one business book, The Ultimate Sales Machine. I’ve doubled the sales of companies owned by billionaires, I’ve done billion-dollar turnarounds, and I’ve helped millions of small companies all over the world

[01:00] Amanda Holmes: So good to see you here. Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Holmes International. I have the best Black Friday deal we have had in the last decade for you. Now, what we’re going to do in this video, I’m just going to break down what that is. So that for those of you that are ready to go, trying to buy, get ready and done, I just give it all to you. 

And then for those that are still wondering, how can you say that you can get nine times the impact from every move you’re already making to generate new clients? I’ll break down for you that explanation and go into the backstory and explain some of our clients and how they’ve had that success.

So now, I’m going to explain why and how you can get nine times the impact from every move you’re already making. Since my father came out with the book, marketing has gone through the roof. So in 2010, the average B2B marketer was using eight different marketing tactics. Today, we’re up to 13. If you’re B2C best in class, you’re using an average of 15 tactics with eight social media platforms and five paid advertising methods.

So you need to be in all of those different places and you need to be there with great content. No wonder. We’re so overwhelmed. Okay. You’re doing double the work for actually a fraction of the results, right? All of these different marketing tactics, and yet you think that would make sales stronger, but it isn’t.

It used to take four touches to get a prospect’s attention. Now it’s more like eight and talk about decision through committee. What used to be only for decision-makers. I was just on a panel with the head of LinkedIn and they’re saying sellers are taking 17 different decision-makers that decision by committee is just killing us unless you have a great core story approach.

And I’m about to teach you that in a minute, I’m going to hand this off to my father. Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you’ve been with us long enough to have heard our radio ads. Here’s him breaking down the stadium pitch concept. 

[02:55] Chet Holmes: I’m Chet Holmes. If you own a business, here’s another concept for doubling the size of your business in 12 months flat, I call it the stadium pitch.

What if I could put all your potential buyers in a giant stadium and you can present to them all at once, making your company famous in a single day if you do it right. But 99% of businesses surveyed are not prepared. Are you?

If I could put you in front of all your potential buyers right now, learn this concept and you can attract up to nine times more buyers with the same efforts you were already making, how to lock out your competitors even if they offered a lower price, how to triple your closing ratio from tire kickers to buyers. 

I’m Chet Holmes, author of the number one business book, The Ultimate Sales Machine. I’ve doubled the sales of companies owned by billionaires. I’ve done billion-dollar turnarounds, and I’ve helped millions of small companies all over the world.

[03:40] Amanda Holmes: Can you believe it? That ad was 15 years ago and yet it’s still just as relevant as it was back then. It’s mind-boggling. When you understand the strategic objectives, you create messaging that follows the strategic objectives and then the deployment of it tactically is way easier once you understand that foundation.

So that’s what we’re getting into right now. So if you had a stadium pitch, what would yours sound like? Go ahead and write it down if you want to right now, or maybe you’re familiar. I’m going to break this down even more. So at any given time, this is the buyer’s pyramid, right? Roughly around 3% will be interested in your product or service of your prospects, right?

Let’s say you have a hundred people in a room. Roughly 3% will be interested. Let’s say you make cold calls. Roughly around three of the hundred will be interested. Another 7% will be open to it. The next 30% are not thinking about it. The last 30% think that they’re not interested and the final are definitely not interested.

So what percentage of this buyer’s pyramid is not interested in you, your product, or service? 90%! 90% of that buyer’s pyramid. So all of your time, money, and energy, 90% of it is wasted if all you’re doing is talking about you, your product, or service, right? So how do we create a fantastic stadium pitch that educates the entire buyer’s pyramid to bring them into the ‘buying now’ category?

And as my father always said, “A strategist will slaughter the tactician every time.” I can’t even believe that it’s happening. Someone asked, “Could you put some of your clients’ names in the back of The Ultimate Sales Machine.

In the top 10 most recommended marketing and sales books of all time – my father’s Ultimate Sales Machine, you can have your name in the back of this book. Penguin approved it. All you have to do is be one of the first 20 to purchase. So you can sign up below. Also, we’re adding another $5,000 in bonuses and discounts. And I know a lot of people say, oh, big hype. This is a big amount. We could have made up numbers that were bigger and better, but we wanted to give you the true discounts.

So this is a serious. $5,000 that you normally would pay that you won’t be paying because of this special deal that ends on November 29th. So make sure that you sign up right now. 

What is it? I’m sure you’re asking the reason why this works is because we’ve done it ourselves. It started with my father Chet Holmes, who doubled nine different divisions for a billionaire by the name of Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s business partner.

They doubled multiple divisions several years in a row, all within 12 to 15 months, he realized that he had a system. So once he assisted over 60 of the Fortune 500 himself, he realized he could only do so much by himself. So he trained hundreds of others in his methodology, which has lead us to be able to assist over 250,000 businesses worldwide.

And just when we thought that that story would tragically and my father passed in 2012, but luckily enough, God was on our side and we had a system that is timeless. It is not about 4,000 different things, it’s about doing 12 things 4,000 times. I was able to take over the helm we continued on and we’ve been able to grow double our clients in multiple divisions and multiple years consecutively, all because of what I’m about to teach you. Right? 

So what we have for this particular Black Friday sale is a core story bootcamp. What it will be teaching you. 

  • How to get nine times more buyers with the same effort you’re already making. 
  • How to lock out your competitors, even if they offer at a lower price.
  • How to triple your closing ratio from tire-kickers to buyers.
  • How to find compelling market data to set you and your company as experts in the industry
  • How to become number one in your market.

Because as I was working on the new edition of The Ultimate Sales Machine book, I realized that we’ve done this for more companies than anybody else and every industry. I’ll break that down in a minute. 

Well, also for those of you that are familiar with the core story, if you’ve bought a core story, this is a great opportunity for you. If you’ve thought about buying a core story, this is a great opportunity for you. How to deploy a core story into your business to double your sales in the next 12 months. 

So what this bootcamp willll give you – four sessions. We were going to do a whole day where we would break down and teach but instead, we decided that it would be easier for you to get the information and to get it quickly if we did four sessions broken up into two hours each once a week for the 30 days starting this new year in January. So that Q1 starts off with a bang, okay?

It’s a live group training with Q&A involved taught by not only myself, but also my father’s Dream Team, and some of my staff. We will give printable handouts and worksheets, copy and paste scripts, email templates. We’ll have a community Facebook group because we know how valuable it is to have others that are doing the same thing in different industries and find out what other business leaders are doing and much more.

There’s a total of $3,500 discounts and an additional $1,500 in bonuses. So in total, $5,000 of additional value. So the first 20, like I said, that sign up, get their name in the back of the new edition of The Ultimate Sales Machine. All right?

And this bootcamp came about because as my team and I have been working on the new edition of The Ultimate Sales Machine. I didn’t take the deal from penguin for – they’ve been asking for nine years. And I kept saying no until three years ago, I accepted the deal. 

We’ve been working on it and through the development, we’re finally done. The manuscript is there. It’s approved. The only thing is when you work with a traditional publisher, it takes six to seven months for them to print the books. So it won’t be out until the end of 2022. But what we could do is run a live training bootcamp on everything that we’ve developed for the new edition of the book.

So you get it firsthand before everyone else. And the great thing is you’ll actually get to ask questions. Whereas if you read a book, you don’t get to ask me questions. You don’t get to ask my team questions. So we’ll have that live for you. 

Here’s some of the new additions that you’ll see in the training. So when my father first came out with a book, people really didn’t understand content.

So he created education-based marketing – a precursor to content marketing, but today, 50% of content online is found useless and 40% is actually hurting your chance of a sale. So what we’ve done is we’ve put together a new checklisting system to help you get clarity on all of this content that you’re putting out so that it generates sales faster and more efficiently.

We’ll teach you how to master one marketing strategy that on average has helped businesses generate 42 times the ROI. It is the highest ROI-generating strategy that most businesses under utilized. The best part is it takes horsepower, not wallet power. It’s all about working smarter on the work you’re already doing to generate new clients, which is fantastic.

Majority of you that bought the Dream 100 course or bought our things in the past have said, “Okay, great. I love what you do with market data. I love what you do with messaging. How do I do that better? How do I manage all of this content that I’m producing to actually generate sales?” 

So we have put together a new core story framework. We’ve been using it for decades, but to explain it in this way, we’ve built a framework for you to help you become number one in your industry, using the secret weapon of market data, coupled with story. So that will be in the training course as well. And this is needed more than ever before since 97% of your prospects feel that salespeople are too pushy.

If out of the last hundred people that came into your world, 97 of them were unhappy with the way that your sales process is going, there’s something that has to change, okay? And we’re going to show you the difference and what’s the difference between those that are becoming number one? There’s also the final piece, which is the whole reason why I wrote the book.

There is an encore that my father never got to give and I found it late one night – something that he had written about how he generated more wealth in six months than he had in the previous eight years combined. That piece will also be in the new training, which you will also read in the book. It’s something very special and very dear – it’s called how to live a rich and full life.

So I’ve put that in there as well. Who is this for? This is something I’m excited about because yes, we teach business owners. So yes, business owners are number one because when you understand strategically what we’re about to teach you, it will be easier to implement it from top down. The cool thing about this particular bootcamp is we’re also leaving availability for marketing professionals, for sales leaders, for your superstar sales people. So we’re bringing marketing and sales together under one roof because that gap between marketing and sales over the years, especially in the last 15, since my father came out with the book, has really closed that gap.

So if we can bring everyone together and get everyone on the same page, so then instead of fighting each other, you become an orchestra and become nine times more effective with every move you’re making, it will be way more powerful. So everyone’s involved in this. 

This is really something that’s different from everyone else in the industry. It’s not very often that you will go to one training that will involve marketing and sales together as one, and will help to generate more sales. So for those of you that have bought a Core Story with us in the past, this is a great training to help you better deploy it. Okay? With the foundational principles and then how it looks once you have that core story or stadium pitch to deploy it into the different marketing and sales tactics. This is great for you. 

If you’ve thought about buying a Core Story, this is fantastic. We’ll give you the framework, the foundation we’ll set you up to win, right? And for those of you that don’t really know what we do or who we are, I’m going to break that down for you right now, okay?

For those of you that are like I’m in, I’m sold, go ahead and sign up right now. We also have a special VIP bump because we know that your results increase by 400% when you have somebody holding you accountable. So there is a VIP bump for those of you that need a little bit of a help with pigheaded discipline and determination.

Okay. So here’s one of our clients, Ryan Romano. He runs a sports gym out of Texas and he helps student-athletes get college scholarships. Now we used to talk about how it’s the best gym around. You’ll get stronger. You have better endurance to be the athlete you really want to be. I mean, it’s something higher than 80% of his student-athletes get college scholarships. 

They do a fantastic job, but once he went through our bootcamp, he also bought a core story. We helped him craft that message. He got training on the backend. We changed as approach his, his stadium pitch to “Does your child ever struggle with confidence or self-esteem?” Because when we looked at who the buyer was, it actually wasn’t the athletes, it was the parents.

So when he started focusing on his true buyer, which was the parents and talking about what was important to them, which is their children’s success in life, it wasn’t about how strong they would be. It was the worry that – depression is five to eight times higher than at any other time in the period of history, I mean higher than World War I, World War II, The Great Depression.

When he changed this approach and implemented into his Facebook ads, he grew his company by 96% in one month. That’s the kind of ROI you want. 

Here was another client that we dove deep with and Deborah bring us in knock this one out of the park. So at first, Nadia was talking about her high-end condos, how they had a beautiful ocean view. They’re out of Dubai, great granite countertops. You’d be crazy not to buy one. 

Her stadium pitch changed to why wealthy CEOs are at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and premature death, and what you can do about it. Oh, my gosh. Talk about getting the entire buyer’s pyramid, which by the way, was Fortune 500 CEOs.

Imagine trying to get the attention of somebody that everybody wants their attention. Right? So they ended up growing by 3456% in 12 months. Just to say that doubling your sales. We can do it, right?

Now when you become the ultimate strategist, when you understand the stadium pitch concept, then you can deploy it into all of your tactical approaches.

So it will improve your website conversions. It will improve your cold calling results. It will improve your ad campaigns. It will improve your social media, your trade shows, your PR, your digital presence, your cold outreach. All because you understand this foundation. Now that’s how my father was able to get 60 of the Fortune 500 as clients.

We’ve increased that as well over the years because it’s a formula that is proven and it is timeless. Here’s more clients. We had Panasonic that grew 400% over nine years, Russell Brunson said one of his biggest growth strategies was the Dream Buyer strategy that coupled with how do you create the right message, right?

That’s why this particular concept along with the Dream 100 is a great one, two punch. We have Motilal Oswal who followed our systems. They ended up landing eight figure client, just one based around their messaging and the Dream 100. So like I said, these both couple great together.

Kari Warberg Block – she invented an all-natural rodent repellent and was able to bring that to market and she grew and she’s now sold over 10 million units of her Earthkind products.

If you’ve got a product or service, we can help you market and sell it faster. I mean, we have clients like Bensonville who sells high-end door handles. We have Earthkind, like I said, natural rodent repellent. We even have clients like this one who sells the piece of paper that is printed on every mattress pad that says, “Do not take this off of a mattress pad”.

We have literally helped every kind of industry grow their marketing and sales. You name it from SAAS to health insurance, to financial services to –  you name it, we’ve done it. So for those of you that want to be a part of this special group coaching bootcamp, here’s some that just went through our bootcamp.

Now, obviously, like I said, when you get us to go into the business and assist you, the results are profound and way larger. These were ones that just went through two months worth of training. So Karen Russo went through, she ended up generating an additional half a million dollars in deals by understanding this Core Story approach.

Timothy Zamberlin – he’s been around for a hundred years. His business has been around, sorry, not him. His business has been around for a hundred years, so innovating is difficult or getting that needle to really move, but they managed to increase their lead flow by 20% in that first quarter, just by implementing what we taught in a group coaching setting like this.

We had another client – Christian Iordan – who increased his sales 40% in Q1 over the prior year.

Another client Dacia who was able to buy her dream home with her family because she made the kind of money from this course. It really changes your whole world.

Like I said, the first 20 that purchased will be in the back of the new edition of The Ultimate Sales Machine, an additional $5,000 in discounts and bonuses, but it’s only available until November 29th at midnight.

And also, I’m so competent in what we’re doing, that we will put a money-back guarantee on if after the first two sessions you say, “Hey, this isn’t what I expected. It’s not as good. I’m not going to generate more than $997 then yeah, you get your money back. No problem. I have no problem with that.

So we made it really simple. It’s just $997. If you get just one new client, would that make the ROI? What if you got two? What if you got five? Right? What if you actually implemented and saw the results like some of our other clients? How would you like this next year to be one of the best yet? 

You can do it. It’s taking the action and here’s a very simple action step. Get into our bootcamp. It’s only $997. If you’re saying, “Oh $997”, we’ve even broken it down to three payments if you want to do a payment plan.

It’s simple. It’s easy. Go ahead and sign up. I highly recommend the VIP package as well. Once you get to that page, you’ll see what the extra bonuses are there. And I can’t wait to see you on the other side.

So all you have to do to sign up, it’s very easy. Scroll down. There’s two different payment plans, right? One at $997. Normally, this is $2,495 to be a part of this program and it will bumped up to that after November 29th. So make sure you get the $1,500 discount right now, or if that’s even saying, “I don’t know”, we put it into a three-month payment plan at just $395, so everyone can be a part of this.

I’ve already told you what you learned. These are all the bonuses, right? Every single training that we have, we’ll give it to you as a bonus. If you’ve been thinking about that Dream 100 course, we’ll give you that. Our Core Story, foundational principles are in the core story, elite library and all of our 12 core competencies for doubling sales.

Here are all the testimonials I told you about. Of course you will be in the top 20 to be in the new edition of the book. Some frequently asked questions. So all you have to do is click sign me up. You have to pick which one, the full payment, you get a discount with a payment plan. You have to pay a little extra.

So you just write in your information here, complete my order, and it will give you an opportunity to be in the VIP bump if you want to. But it’s super simple, very easy. 

It is our signature for helping companies become number one in their industry. I want that for you. I can’t wait to talk about you as our next success story.

Go ahead and sign up now.

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