Bold Tales of Doubling Sales in 6 months with Chet Holmes

by | Aug 11, 2023 | Blog

Have you ever had a brilliant idea you knew could grow your business dramatically?

Ever shared that idea with someone else, and watched it die right there as they told you it couldn’t be done, or that it wouldn’t work?

Today is your lucky day, you’re getting access to the most watched video Chet Holmes ever recorded.

This recording is filled with real life stories of the trials and tribulations Chet endured on the road to doubling sales.

Just because he was the Ultimate Sales Machine, didn’t mean he didn’t come across obstacles too.

Tune in to hear all the instances where these concepts almost didn’t work and came through to produce record breaking results.

I’ve never released it to you until now.

This interview was done 15 years ago and it’s just as relevant, just as brilliant as it was the day it was recorded.

If you’re thinking about growing your company make sure you listen to this interview first.

::Sentimental note:: This particular week holds a soft spot in my heart.

11 years ago, on August 12, 2012, we lost our founder, my father, Chet Holmes.

It’s been a while since I watched one of his videos. As I watched this I’m reminded how confident he was.

They say, the one with the most confidence wins.

Many who worked with Chet always said that above all else, Chet always had the most confidence over anyone else.

When your ideas are challenged, and failure knocks, may you remember to have the confidence to persevere.

All it takes is pig-headed discipline and determination.


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