How to Build a Confident and Prepared Team

by | Feb 17, 2023 | Blog

My father always said, “Train or feel the pain.”

He was a fourth-degree black belt in karate and owned a karate dojo in a tough New York neighborhood.

Self defense training was a matter of life and death in that area, and his dedication to teaching saved many lives.

He took this same principle and applied it to business.

When faced with a life-threatening (or business) situation, you want to have already been trained what to do so you can handle the problem in the best manner possible.

In today’s episode, we talk about:
-The key to sustainable growth that lasts
-The one thing that you can do every week for each major impact area of your business
-How to be proactive to adapt in any crisis



Continued Learning: Are You Proactive vs Reactive in Your Business?


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Amanda: Welcome everybody to the C E O Mastery Show. I’m Amanda Holmes, your host, and your weekly dose of the ultimate sales machine is here, the quote for today. 

Training is proactive. It keeps your company healthy and prepared No matter what crisis arises, if you don’t train, you force everyone to be reactive, so your chances for survival decrease dramatically.

And what I love to see on the next. Sentences, training can save lives. Now this is obviously very true for my father, who was a fourth degree black belt, and he actually [00:01:00] owned a karate dojo in an area of New York where you actually had to know karate to be able to even get to the dojo because it was such a rough neighborhood.

But, um, he had this one moment when he was, uh, training a father daughter. And just recently in New York, uh, he, there was a story about a woman, an 18 year old girl who had been dragged out to a rooftop, raped and then thrown off of this building. And, um, it was a, it, it was obviously a struggle because the.

The skin from the attacker was underneath her, her nails, like it was that intense. And he looked at the father and said, would you like in that scenario for her to have been trained or not trained? And uh, so training obviously for him meant something much deeper, but I can even recall. When I think about how this relates to, uh, life and [00:02:00] business, it really takes, it really comes back to that pigheaded discipline and determination.

How many times have you trained part of your team on one aspect of your business and then assumed that they would all remember and retain all of it? I can remember, uh, my father, uh, back in the day, his favorite game for literally, I’d say two years straight was he would come up, he would grab my arm and he’d say, can you get out?

Can you, can you get out from my grip? And he would make me use my karate training to get out from the grip. Then he would like attack me and then I would have to get away from his attacking. And this was his favorite. Two years straight. I can’t tell you the amount, the hundreds of times he would go to try and take me down, go against my will.

And he trained me in such a way that I truly have a [00:03:00] confidence within myself that I am a lethal weapon. And I remember this, it was, it was, um, I remembered this because I was just with my uncle in Austin, my father’s brother. We were talking about how, I was traveling through India recently, and he had said, oh, yay, but you’re okay.

You’re a lethal weapon. And it dinged for me, again, saying my father trained me to know that I was a lethal weapon. So what does it take as we are about to hit some crisises in the economy? What are you doing to train repetitively your team so that they are clear? On the foundational principles it takes to run an efficient organization, a true ultimate sales machine takes that repetition and, and it’s, it’s not just about repeating one thing or saying these are our core values and repeating them and putting them on the wall, right?

It’s about living them and breathing them [00:04:00] over and over and over again. So, uh, we recommend. Setting aside one hour a week for all the major impact areas of your business. So it could be one hour a week for lead generation with your marketing team. It could be one hour a week for the sales team. It could be one hour a week for operational principles and one hour a week in each one of those impact areas, you are working on the business every day.

You may be working 8, 10, 12 hours. , but you have to set aside that one hour a week in each one of those areas to improve the business. And as you get clear on what that improvement is, then you repeat it over and over and over again, and it just cycles through, over and over and over again. So your team is trained over and over and over again.

Just those incremental improve. Over and over and over again. That [00:05:00] is what will create the companies that survive this next, whatever it may be. You will have a sturdier foundation. You will have a more reliable team that when difficulties arise, when we don’t. We don’t know what’s to come, but if they are trained on what to do when they don’t know what to do or when the questions come up that they don’t know how to answer, there is a system in place.

There is an operating system. There is an s o p. You have role played it. You have, right? You don’t wanna send your sales team out to think that they can answer every objection the best way possible. You should have trained them. That objection and not just once. They should know the top five questions that they should ask every prospect, right?

They should know the seven most popular objections and how to handle them in 1, 2, 2 different ways. They should know the 11 voicemail scripts. They should know the right. , all of this should be rehearsed over and [00:06:00] over and over again. We are creating that foundation for a bulletproof business. You truly can become the ultimate sales machine, even when the whole world shuts off.

We’re not gonna go through a covid again, right? But we’re about to head through recession. What are we doing to create a bulletproof business Train or feel the pain?

Make sure to get your copy or copies at the ultimate sales There’s a lot of special bonuses that you can’t get going to Amazon, so make sure you check it [email protected].

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