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I have a confession to make.

I am appalled by the numerous false promises and bogus offers that flood the internet during the Black Friday season.

You know the ones: “Get $10,000 dollars worth of courses if you buy before Monday.”

But here’s the truth – only 3% of people that buy a course actually finish them.

It’s all hype, spammy marketing. And as someone who has run offers like this in the past can I just be fully transparent with you and say, I’m tired of it.

Your success should be weighed by how you feel about yourself the moment you put your head on your pillow at night.

I couldn’t sleep soundly knowing that I’m merely selling ideas without tangible results to back them up.

That’s why we’ve been pondering a crucial question: What will truly propel people from mere ideas into decisive action?

To go from watching endless amounts of videos, into generating cash in pocket.

Every day businesses call us saying they’ve read the Ultimate Sales Machine, and they love the ideas they just need help implementing them into their specific company and market.

That’s why we’re launching an official group dedicated to implementing the ideas from The Ultimate Sales Machine book into real actionable results.

One hour a week we will workshop the crucial skills you need to double down and grow.

We already know we have a system that works. Click this link to see over 80 video and text testimonials from companies that have generated sales using our methods.

With a track record assisting over 250,000 businesses, resulting in a staggering $51 billion in generated revenue, our approach has endured for over five decades.

This system isn’t a random person on the internet, it’s one you can trust.

Now, we’re taking it a step further by creating a collaborative environment where you can connect with other like-minded businesses.

We’re seeing companies form joint ventures within the group, they’re buying each other’s services.

And everyone is committed to working one hour a week to focus ON the business not just IN it.

You’ll be shocked at how affordable this program is.

Unlike other high-priced masterminds, we are here to unite businesses that will undoubtedly require support as the challenges of the upcoming year intensify.

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL – I’m giving you two gifts if you purchase before monday at midnight.
(This isn’t a random list of courses that will gather virtual dust; it’s designed to create unity within your team).

1. You have unlimited seats into this program for the price of one. Yes you can enroll your entire company! (Note: if you were to hire me to speak onsite for your team you’d pay 10x what this costs to have us for one hour a week for 6 months).

2. You get the first ever release of Ultimate Sales Machine LUCKY SOCKS! Yes a pair will be mailed to you for your utter joy. See link for pictures of my euphoric face with my Ultimate Sales Machine socks.

Sign up today so you can feel more confident about your results in 2024.

As Chet Holmes always said, “Mastery isn’t about doing 4,000 things, it’s about doing 12 things 4,000 times.”

You can practice those handful of skills you need to grow in The Ultimate Sales Machine Dojo.

To register, visit:


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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Amanda: Hey, so I have a question for you. What do you want to see over the next 12 months? What’s your goal? Because majority of CEOs right now are actually worried. 76 percent of them are worried about a recession. They’re having imposter syndrome. They’re feeling more depressed. They’re feeling stressed. And Bank of America actually shows that 50 percent of businesses right now are Pulling back on their plans for growth.

Are you part of the 50 percent that’s pulling back? Are you part of the 50 percent that’s leaning in? Another 49 percent of companies are trying to make up for the fact that inflation is rising so high, they’re taking out loans. So what do we need to do right now when the economy is giving more pressure than ever before?

We have to go back to the foundation. So when thinking about growth, it’s not about doing 4, 000 different. Extra things onto your to do list. We already know that you’re overworked and it’s stressful. It’s actually about doing a few crucial skills and doing them 4, 000 times. [00:01:00] That is what the ultimate sales machine is known for is creating those kinds of results.

That’s how we’ve been able to assist a quarter million businesses to grow. That’s how we’ve been able to generate over 51 billion for our clientele, a system that actually works. But I can understand what it feels like to go through the. Fear and uncertainty of a recession. I had my own kind of recession in 2011.

I was a singer songwriter. I had just released my fourth record. I had just gotten out of college and my father got diagnosed with cancer. So you can imagine, after he passed, the utter shock. Of him not being there and then trying to figure out how do I do anything with this business. I’m a singer I’m in my 20s.

Everyone is double my age hundreds of people around me now expecting me to do something I had no idea so that talk about imposter syndrome And fear of just having no clue. Luckily one thing my father did Magnificent better than 99 percent of the world [00:02:00] is he had a framework for how to grow sales. So just like everyone else, I had never read the ultimate sales machine before my father passed.

I picked it up and I started reading it over and over and over. I watched his videos like they were my Bible. Over and over every day just to get and understand to become part of this framework that he said worked and I just had to follow it. I stepped in as CEO and our first year we increased leads by 1176%.

We doubled our coaching clients multiple years in a row. It’s been 11 years now. 80 percent of companies don’t make it past 10 years. Second generation businesses fail every single day. And yet I was able to overcome the near impossible miraculous thing of stepping in and continuing on his legacy. We’ve doubled sales.

We hit the bestseller list last year with the new edition that I came out with. All because of this framework and something that Troy Aberle here, [00:03:00] executive strategy officer is here with me, something that he actually said, and we have indoctrinated ever since is be a product of your product. So he had come to me and said, we should create a thing where we go through this book.

Every week, one hour a week, and not just take the concepts that you’re reading, but turn those pages into actual implementation. Troy, can you just share a minute of like, what got you to come to me and say we have to do this? 

Troy: Well, because it’s like so many people have come to us and said, I’ve learned and learned and learned, or I’ve read, but they’ve never implemented.

They don’t fully understand it. And I think that’s the problem with mastery is people think if I read it, that I’ve got it, but they don’t really understand that mastery is about keep practicing it, keep doing it, keep trying to keep failing at it, have fun with it. But after a while, we’ll start to succeed.

And if we can do that and study it like a scientist and really make sure that we’re applying that to our [00:04:00] business, that’s what’s going to be that repetition. It’s going to keep working, come back with feedback to say what’s working or not. Most of us don’t actually have that ability to do that with anyone.

And so to me, what better way than to take that book and be able to study each and every page of it, make sure that you implement it and understand it. And get the same types of results amounted that you were able to prove that you could do it from zero to, to where you are today. Same as what I did in my own business.

Amanda: Well, let me introduce him because he does a terrible job because he’s just very humble. Roy has personally sold. So you hear people that have said, Oh, I’ve sold 10 million or a hundred million. Troy has sold half a billion dollars in one on one conversations in sales. So he has studied this book for the last, what, like 10 years, right?

  1. 13 years. And he took that to be able to sell the half a billion. So you came to us and you’re actually in a tough spot. Like we’re talking about this recession that’s happening for [00:05:00] others where the fear and uncertainty is higher than, um, Historically than ever before. So what were you experiencing?

What were some of the biggest difficulties that were going on in your role? 

Troy: Well, I was in agriculture equipment sales. And for us, we were going through facing the fact that our 20 percent budget increase wasn’t going to happen. We were faced with Just coming out of pandemic with supply chain problems.

We had crazy fast inflation, interest rate hikes, staff problems, but we also most importantly had no crops. We were faced with drought and hailstorms and a lot of stuff there. So just everything combined was one bad storm. 

Amanda: So then I know you came into one of our group trainings and every week you worked a bit and what was it in six weeks, how much were you able to generate?

I was able to generate 

Troy: 8. 4 million at 12. 8 percent profit margin. 

Amanda: Oh [00:06:00] my God. And the average sales rep sells how much a year? 

Troy: Eight million dollars total in a year is usually about the average 

Amanda: salesperson. And you did it in six weeks. That’s freaking phenomenal. And then you went on, what did you do? So right, we get something that works and then how often do we forget about it and just leave it?

I hear this over and over and over again for our clients that come in, they get results and then they go back to their same ways. But you were able to continue to carry that out. What did you do for the next seven months? I In 

Troy: seven months and we, uh, got another 42 million in sales. 

Amanda: Following the ultimate sales machine framework, right?

You did dream 100. You did core story. You led with your stadium pitch, all the things that we’re going to talk about in the ultimate sales machine dojo. And I remember the day when you came to me after all of this excitement, we kept celebrating every marker as you kept growing in sales. And then you coming back to me and saying, Hey, I’d like to see this happen [00:07:00] for more of your clients.

Can I come and join the team? And I just. Oh my God, I, I was beside myself. It’s so, I felt so lucky and I still feel so grateful. ’cause you’ve now come into the business, you’re assisting our clients. I mean, I love the financial advisor. That one in 35 days generated a $500,000 deal, which was great. The other, uh, manufacturing company that is on track to double their sales too from six to 13.

I mean, you’re doing amazing stuff with our clientele. So to have this ultimate sales machine dojo is really just a place for everyone to come together because we’re better together. And I think that’s a superpower of yours. You’re so good at connecting the different people on each call and making sure, I mean, in the last dojo.

The last dojo is a little bit more for advanced, uh, clients that had worked with us a lot. This is much more tied to every chapter of Ultimate Sales Machine, um, but they’re getting joint ventures, right? They’re making friendships for [00:08:00] life. They’re, they’re buying each other’s services and products.

They’re truly 

Troy: working together, and I think that’s the thing with the dojo, if you think about dojo, it’s a place to come and learn, a place then to leave and go and execute and practice and try things out and ask good questions. And for most people, they, is this another thing? Is this another course, another program?

This has none of that. It’s just simply a book that not only yourself, Amanda, myself, and so many thousands of clients around the world have relied on. And today, more than ever, we get it. People feel that lack of confidence and excitement. You’re scared, you have some fear. This is what you need to do, is practice the most basic things.

Amanda: But we’ll be supplementing with workshops, workbooks, templates, additional stories, additional, um, steps and deliverables so that you can get results. And we are all about getting results as quickly as possible. So, [00:09:00] between now and… The end of Monday, end of day Monday, we have a Black Friday deal where if you pay for the six months of the program, you get unlimited seats.

Unlimited seats. If you have five people, if you have twenty people, if you have fifty, if you have a hundred people, they all can come for the price of one. It is shocking. Now, if we think about, if you were to hire me to come and speak for your team on site, That’s anywhere between 10, 000 for 90 minutes of my time.

This is an hour a week, every week, for six months for only 1, 500. That is a freaking steal. And with the Black Friday sale, you get a pair of the Ultimate Sales Machine socks. Lucky socks! You know how long I have wanted to have these socks available? It says, I am the Ultimate Sales Machine. I have been wearing them.

For the last several days, I [00:10:00] don’t know how to show my foot. But I love them. They’re 75 percent cotton because we wanted to make sure that they were good quality. I bet you you could win 42 percent more deals with Lucky Ultimate Sales Machine socks, right? I know so. So you get a pair of Ultimate Sales Machine socks that go along with that Black Friday deal.

Also, with the six month, you also get a one on one training with you and Troy, the Master of Sales. You also get a bonus workshop before we start, so we’re starting on January 11th at 4 p. m. Eastern Standard Time, and we’ll just do one hour a week every week. And you get a money back guarantee, so if, after the first

We’re trying to make it available to everyone because we know the [00:11:00] storm that’s about to come. We have data that shows over the last three recessions when we analyze thousands of businesses, 91 percent either broke, even lost money, went bankrupt, And only 9 percent were able to grow during a no spend economy.

We were there in the last recession to help so many thousands of businesses get through that tough time. Let’s come together with other big headed, sorry, pig headed, disciplined and determined business leaders, executives, sales reps, marketing managers, customer service reps. All of us come together because we will be better together.

That’s why we have the Ultimate Sales Machine Dojo at an affordable price. So to get your seat now, just click the button below, sign up, send us your information so you can get your socks, so you can get access, so you can double your sales in the next 12 months following the Ultimate Sales Machine framework.

Troy: I want people to really understand how important being dojo for the Ultimate Sales Machine really is. Because [00:12:00] I’ve been like Amanda. I’ve been like you. I’ve been like everyone. We have our ups and downs and our moments where things just don’t make sense. How are we going to grow our team? How are we going to keep staff morale up?

And how are we going to feel good about where we are? You know, when you think about how many people are in places, no matter what type of economy we have, things are happening. The smartest thing I ever did was study this book for an hour. The smartest thing I ever did was be a part of a group in a community of people who did that because Now, I am a product of the product and get to help you do this exact same thing.

It’s not that I’m the expert. It’s Amanda and I are going to come together each and every week and make sure that you understand this, that you know what you executed on it, and that you can inspire the rest of your team to do that. That’s going to have a tremendous impact on your business. And that’s what’s going to make you stand out amongst any storm.

Doesn’t matter my storm or Amanda’s or anyone else’s. It’s your storm. And when it comes, it’ll be so little because you’ll be mastering things that just work. And then when things still seem a little bit iffy, you have a [00:13:00] community to come back to. So an hour a week will be the smartest investment you can possibly make.

I look forward to it. My name is Troy Aberle. I thank you so, so much for the opportunity to serve you. 

Amanda: Can’t wait to see you there. All you have to do is sign up, click the link and we’ll see you at the dojo.

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