Do This Wrong and it Decreases Your Sales by 40%

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There’s no question that creating quality content can increase your company’s revenue.

The goal for your business is to create content that’s educational, entertaining, caring or helpful for your ideal customers.

Want to learn how?

In today’s episode, Julie Ann Eason, shares with us how bad content can cause harm to sales and your overall company’s brand.

Tune in ’til the end to hear her talk about the Core Story framework, and how high-quality content, when balanced, is the key to grabbing the attention of your potential customers and boost sales!


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Continued Learning:  The Power of Storytelling in Marketing


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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Amanda: Hello, Amanda Holmes here, CEO of Chet Holmes International, and we have the Daily Dose of your Ultimate Sales Machine. I have with me today Julie Ann Eason, who was my book coach, to guide me. It never would’ve been finished if it weren’t for Julie. She’s been brilliant at assisting us to innovate our whole company.

Once she helped me with the book, I said, come and help me build these bootcamps and help me with our core story. And she’s just, she’s brilliant at pulling the genius in someone’s head in making it easy and effortless for others to understand. That is her gift. Julie, could you share for everybody listening, what would be a good quote from the Ultimate Sales Machine you think is valuable?

Julie: Absolutely! I’m so excited. There were so many, Amanda. Oh my God. So my, one of my favorite ones because I’ve been working so closely with Core Story and with the Core Story bootcamp and building core stories for people with you guys it’s, Incredible to me how powerful that framework is.

And so the quote I wanna share is, unfortunately, less than 50% of digital content is useful. And even worse now, when your prospect sees bad content, it actually decreases the probability of a sale by 40%. That’s like huge. So with the rise of content, we’ve lost track of the purpose and the framework for how to generate sales

from that content. And I a hundred percent agree with that. And I think that it’s a serious eye opener for people who think that they can just push content, push things out there and they don’t really think about what am I trying to do? And we all know that sales is first, a sale is made by with the heart with emotions.

And then we back it up with logic. And the coolest thing about the core story is that you get a story, you get that emotional hook in there. And then you also get that market data that backs it up with the logical side of things. So you have both sides of the equation. You’re not just appealing to emotions, you’re not just trying to, inundate people with market data.

You really have a beautiful balance, which hits both the spontaneous fires who are like, I’m in, I want this right now. And the people who need to see data driven metrics and interesting statistics and things that really allow their logical brain to say, Yes, it’s a good decision to buy this thing. So that’s the first thing I love about that quote.

And the other thing is that the core story framework, which is in, I believe is in chapter four Amanda yeah.

That whole framework is just a pathway. I was a copywriter for 20 years before I started writing books and helping coach people, and I’ve never seen an easier pathway to create landing pages to create, everything from content to books.

Like anything you need to create, if you wanna tell a logical story supported by data, the core story framework that’s all in chapter four is amazing. So you should go grab that book and study it because it’s gold.

Amanda: Thank you so Julie. That was AMAZING! that is your Daily Dose of the Ultimate Sales Machine.

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