How to Avoid Wasting 97 Hours Per Year

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This episode talks about a really good productivity hack from The Ultimate Sales Machine’s new edition shared by one of our strategic implementers, Anthony Garcia.

Watch this episode to learn how to instantly save 97 hours of work per year!

Go ahead, tune in–it takes less than 3 minutes!



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*this transcript was mostly generated by AI, please excuse any mistakes smile

Amanda: [00:00:00] On today’s daily dose of Ultimate Sales Machine. I have with me, Anthony Garcia, one of our strategic implementers here at Chet Holmes International. 

Anthony: I will tell you my favorite. It is if you spend just 15 minutes per day to revisit readdress or reread documents or emails, you will waste 97 hours per year where no action is taken. That hits home to me.

Amanda: Why does it hit home? It hits home for me too, but why does it hit.

Anthony: So the premise there is to touch it once and it hits home. I’ve lived my whole life under this philosophy of, Hey, just touch it once. But it really, it came to life for me when COVID hit, cuz I didn’t have anything to touch anymore. Everything was very digital. It was just, there’s no more there. I didn’t have papers on my desk.

I didn’t have files. So in my. I know the book is touch it once. So I do digital touch. So if I’m gonna open it on my email, if I’m gonna click to read this message on slack, if I’m gonna click to read this text message, then I’m going to address. Instantly at that point, I’m not gonna I have this [00:01:00] premise if I touch it once and I get it off my desk, I just keep moving and I have, and I know the book says 97 hours and I’m like, man that’s two, almost two and a half weeks of work, just coming back to revisit something.

So it really, when you’re building a business based on productivity and efficiency, and you essentially can be the most ineffective person by just touching things multiple times, it hits home.

Amanda: I love that. So for those that want to implement that, it’s just as simple as the email, right? Can you share that one more time so that everyone that’s listening, this is your takeaway for today.

Anthony: Yeah, absolutely. So when an email pops up and you see the notification, I will not open an email until I’m immediately ready to address it. So if the notification comes up, if I see it I try to do a really efficient job and not even paying attention to notifications. But if something pops up and I catch it, I will not read the email unless I’m immediately prepared to respond to it.

So you typically can tell by who the sender is by the subject line. If this is gonna be something, an [00:02:00] immediate response, or this is gonna need more of an in depth response. But by having that strategy, it has literally saved me so much time and productivity. And I just roll that into every other form of virtual communication, text message, slack, WhatsApp, Asana you pick, whoever’s communicating with you.

Don’t acknowledge it until you’re ready to take action on it.

Amanda: Thank you, Anthony. That was so good. Another daily dose of the Ultimate Sales Machine

Make sure to get your copy or copies at the There’s a lot of special bonuses that you can’t get going to Amazon. So make sure you check it out at

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